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“Regularising 917 Colonies Is CM’S Voting Stunt” —Annapurna Mishra Mayor, East Delhi Municipal Corporation

Updated: October 27, 2012 3:15 pm

After trifurcation of Delhi Corporation there is a mountain of problems cropping up with every single day passing by. How the Mayor Annapurna Mishra, East Delhi Municipal Corporation (EDMC) views them and takes a stand on. In an interview to Uday india, she explains. Excerpts:

How do you look at MCD trifurcation and what are the problems in general coming up to you every day?

This will give us a clearer view to bring things under scrutiny in a better way so that we’ll be able to focus on very single problem posing a threat to society. I am not to blame for so many things happening around where MCD has no role, like Jal Board and roads. Encroachment, illegal construction and parking come within our purview and we will see after them. I must emphasise education and health.

How do you handle each one of them single-handedly and what are the difficulties in co-coordinating with congress MLAs and congress councillors?

I believe there should not be this line of discrimination while working for the same cause as it hampers the smooth functioning of the process. Other than this, I know the way out by way of monitoring different projects underway. We have vigilance to keep a watch on every move so as to avoid people pointing a finger at us. Transparency I hold above all I will not compromise at all. Under no circumstances shall I tolerate malpractices and my endeavour will be to bring the wrong to justice. I’ve begun my work and you will see the change soon.

People say corporation election is a low key affair and you have already had this local unit in your kitty. how far is Delhi for you? do you think you will make or Congress is going to retain Delhi assembly next year for the fourth term too?

Through your media I would strongly state that the people of Delhi have begun to differentiate between what good and bad for them is. They seem to have grown sick of Congress and her doings. CWG is not a distant memory, 2G scam and Coalgate, one after another such scam, now I’m sure that residents of Delhi will reply for themselves.

Now CM Delhi Sheila Dikshit has announced to regularise 917 colonies in the city of Delhi, what strategy will you employ to woo the voters? do you have some trump card like this to play in 2013?

Let time come. Integrity is our policy and our work will speak for itself. Regularising 917 colonies is nothing more than eyewash and people will not digest this. It’s a political stunt. Can those living in Delhi and India overlook price hike? Galloping inflation in basic commodities and diesel prices are afresh a nightmare on people’s mind. Do you think they can forget? Never!


There are loads of complaints from the residents that garbage is not dumped properly and that keeps lying strewn. Why aren’t these garbage houses cleaned regularly?

I have come to know just now through you, I am not aware of any such problem. No one has ever complained before but now I will take care and give directions to the sanitation department and make sure that they get it done properly.

Don’t you think that choked and overflowing drains are yet another problem in the area which needs immediate attention?

We clean the drains in our area regularly. It is the Public Works Department (PWD) and the Irrigation and Flood Department which do not do their work on time. Why do we share their blame? PWD should hand over the drains to us then see the change for yourself.

Besides collecting garbage do you have a plan to introduce mechanical sweepers in colonies?

Absolutely, we are looking into the possibility of introducing a door-to-door scheme wherein garbage is picked up by our staff after segregation. They will then directly dump the garbage into the sanitary landfill sites rather than pile them up at garbage houses but then this is in a nascent stage and will take some time before it is implemented. We are also planning to introduce mechanical sweepers soon.

By Syed Wajid Ali

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