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Regressive Belief

Updated: September 25, 2015 12:00 am

SATIRICUS is familiar with the expression ‘gay pride’, although he cannot imagine why anyone should be proud of being neither male nor female, or even why that anyone should be gay about it instead of glum. But apparently advanced Americans know what this Bharatiya bird-brain does not. Otherwise, their president would not have officially proclaimed his happiness when their Supreme Court declared gay “marriages” legal all over the country. So, Satiricus supposes this is an American improvement on God’s work, as God was old-fashioned enough to think that if he made a man and a woman, the two could marry and mate.

Unfortunately, it seems not all Americans are proud of outsmarting God. For the other day, a female clerk in the state of North Carolina refused to issue homosexual marriage licences, thus flouting the Supreme Court’s verdict—and so was sent to jail. She unlawfully said God’s authority trumped the court’s law. And when a judge told her she could be set free when she either agreed to issue the same-sex “marriage” licences, or resigns, she replied she would neither resign nor “violate her conscience and betray her god”.

Good God! This means this woman is still clinging to the regressive, anti-American belief that you require a man and a woman for a “marriage” to happen. How sad! What is sadder is that hundreds of Americans rallied in favour of this woman. Satiricus is stupefied. For this means there are still hundreds of Americans who have not come to terms with terms like “his husband” or “her wife”. When, oh when, will these Americans stop being anti-Americans and forge towards this grammatical progress? Satiricus has no idea. He was never good at grammar. That is why he became a journalist.

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