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Registering Marriage Online

Updated: December 22, 2012 1:00 pm

We are now living in the age of internet where we can get many of our things done while sitting in our bed or chair at home having a cup of tea. Among many of such things, the latest is getting your marriage registered. According to the news, registering your marriage in Delhi will no longer be a tedious process that it currently is. The Delhi government has decided to simplify the entire process which is a laudable step and other state governments too must follow suit.

It is noteworthy that the Delhi government had earlier drafted “The Delhi Registration of Marriages 2012 Bill”, which provided for mandatory registration of marriages within 60 days of tying the knot. However, this Bill had been referred to a select committee of the Assembly after a number of MLAs raised objections and advised that it should not be put to vote in a hurry. It also must be borne in mind that once this Act comes into effect, all district offices will be burdened with marriage registration applications. As per the Bill, all marriages will have to be registered within a period of 60 days from the date of marriage. It has also been provided in this Bill that violation of this provision will invite a fine of Rs 10,000.

It is deeply satisfying to learn that from now onwards, the brides and grooms won’t be compelled to again and again do the rounds of Delhi government offices any longer. Currently, the couples marrying are required to either submit applications manually or fix an appointment online with the marriage registrars which is quite a tedious process and should have been done away long time back. But it is always better to be late than never!

A software has now been developed for the purpose of registering marriages online. This facility of getting marriage registered online will first be made available in southwest Delhi. We all are fully aware of the harsh truth that the current system of manual processing of applications is full of red tape and corruption and, therefore, the earlier this current system is done away with, the better it shall be for all those who want to get their marriage registered online without being subjected to any red tapism and running from pillar to post to get it done.

It is also noteworthy to mention here that under this new process of registering online, the applicants will simply have to log on to Delhi government’s website and fill the form correctly. Once this is done, the application will be submitted online and an acknowledgement slip will also be promptly generated. This will not only benefit them but also work load in government offices will stand subsidised to a great extent.

A senior Delhi department official explained about getting marriage registered online in these words : “Under the new process, the applicants will be given an appointment. They will be issued a certificate after the verification of the documents that very day. We will also provide the applicants an opportunity to make any changes in the forms once they visit the office. This can include changes in the list of witnesses too.” The official further said: “People don’t have time to make endless visits to government offices. Most are not even aware of the documents that are required. The list of these documents will be made online.” So this new revolutionary process of getting marriage registered online is going to be of immense help to people and will save them from a lots of unnecessary inconveniences!

By Sanjeev Sirohi

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