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Updated: May 23, 2015 4:47 pm

SECULAR wonders never cease. On the contrary they get weirder and weirder. Look at this amazingly anti-secular saffronization of Rahul Baba. Look at these unbelievable headlines in the papers—“Rahul has his ‘Hindu Moment’ in Kedarnath”…. “Temple visit a reflection of Rahul’s faith”…. “I experienced fire-like energy at Kedarnath, says Rahul.” Oh my secular God ! What on earth has happened to the poor dear? Is it a touch of the sun—the Vedic Sun God Mitra? Or is he running high Hindu fever because of the fire he experienced in the temple?

Whatever the terrible truth, Satiricus hopes from the bottom of his heavy heart that Rahul Baba is cured of his communalism and returns to his secular senses in time for his coronation as president of the party. Otherwise Soniaji may have a lot of explaining to do when she sees Shahi Imam the next time. Fortunately, being a seasoned secular politician she is sure to be good at explaining, and even better at explaining away. Sonia and Shahi Imam being the two pillars of Indian secularism, the Imam would be naturally and deeply disturbed to see the other pillar crumbling like this, but Sonia could allay his justified fears by pointing out that although Rahul Baba did have his “Hindu Moment” at Kedarnath, it was only momentary, and no lasting damage has been done. And as for the temple visit being a “reflection of his faith”, the Shahi Imam should be sensible enough to see that it is only a reflection, not reality. Christian Soniaji could even point to the prime minister of Christian England—did he not recently go to the famous Swami Narayan Hindu temple in London, where he was photographed with a Tilak on his forehead, with his wife by his side in a Sari? Finally, this fire in the Kedarnath temple is, however, a matter of concern. For Rahul Baba is following up his Kedarnath Yatra with Yatras all over the country. That would mean a whole lot of trudging. Then every time he feels fagged out, he might go to Kedarnath for a shot of fiery energy. Wouldn’t that set his secularism on fire? Or is there a fire-resistant variety of secularism? Satiricus is all at sea.

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