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‘Red’rocity: Untold stories of ongoing killings of nationalists in Kerala

Updated: February 19, 2017 7:15 pm

Karl Marx used to say, commenting on the French “Marxists” of the late 1870s: “All I know is that I am not a Marxist.” But in the name of Marxism, the so-called Marxists and communists forget their duty, right, truth, morality and justice for the society.  It is not only limited to anarchism in various countries around the world but it also turns into Red terrorism parallel to Jihadi and radical Islamic terrorism.

Ezhuthan Santosh, who was a mukhya sikshak of RSS, stabbed to death on January 20, 2017, in a shocking and painful incident by Communist Party of India (Marxist) in Kerala. It is not a singular habit of comrades to suppress dissent by violence but they have repeatedly killed people around the world in the name of Marxism — be it in China, Cuba or Russia.

Only Santosh was not a victim of Red terror, so far, 272 RSS and BJP people have lost their lives because of Red terror in God’s own country. However, there is no one to listen their grief.  Evoking the Akhlaq incident in Dadri on which Left liberals shed crocodile tears and which brought chaos and bedlam in the country, Monika Arora, Advocate, Supreme Court of India  said, “Hum ah bhi lete hain to ho jaate hai badnaam, Woh qatl bhi karte hain to zikr nahi hota (If we only  sigh, our honour is slurred they even take a life, not a whisper is heard). The twist of the irony is that so-called Left liberals always talk about freedom of expression, tolerance, non-violence but when it comes to Kerala they turn a blind eye to all the atrocities. Communism is a dead ideology; we need to depict the nexus between communists and jihadis.  According to a report by ABC news, the world needs to get rid of four deadly organisations as quickly as possible , which are ISIS, Bokoharam, Al Qaeda  and Communism.”

In another tragic incident in June 2016, Chadayankalayil Radhakrishnan, a BJP worker, who suffered burn injuries after CPM workers set his house ablaze, succumbed to death. The brother of Radhakrishnan, who was a former panchayat member,  his wife, Vimala, and sons of another brother Selvaraj, Adarsh, 20, were also injured.  However, the so-called Delhi-based mainstream media never raised the issue.

“Everybody knows nature’s gift Kerala is so beautiful but nobody knows the unhidden side of Kerala’s nature. We every day listen cacophony of demonetisation by opposition leaders, media etc., but we never think about the other side of demonetisation. We must remember that one who gives birth to a child has to undergone severe labour pain. Demonetisation step by the government to bring transparency in financial system and make a corruption-free society in a long run. In the similar way, we need to tackle this offence of violence from top level. The bosses of communism ideologies make the plan at top level and workers execute it on the ground level.  They don’t believe in debate and as they are highly intolerants. Communists even mercilessly butcher muslim minorities in Kerala,” said advocate Arora.

 It is said that there are three kind of groups in Kerala — one is conservative rich Muslims, who are with Congress and Muslim League, another is radical fundamentalists who are  supporters of ISIS, in between them there are nationalistic Muslims, to whom nationalistic forces of the country need to gravitate and motivate them for betterment of India.

Manoj, a local leader of the BJP and an autorickshaw driver by profession, was hacked to death ruthlessly on the night of February 12, 2012, by a group of CPM activists. But Left politicians tried to suppress the case. Meanwhile, on January 16, 2017, the Kerala High Court quashed the final report filed by the Payyoli police in the Manoj murder case, before the Kozhikode Additional District and Sessions Court. It clearly shows the nexus between police and politicians. In New Delhi, Left-leaning intellectuals become messiahs of free-speech, but when it comes to Kerala, their hypocrisy on free-speech  is exposed evidently.

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“Marxist ideology is nothing but a moral decaying force that always makes propaganda to excercise hegemony over the common man through pseudo-academic knowledge and throughs attack on innocent people  who try to expose of their reality.  And the worrying Gordian knot is that there is no space in the media to write and speak on these issues. Editors and publishers directly repudiate when one wants to publish brutalities of communism. However, after the advent of social media, raising of such issues has become a little bit easy,” advocate Arora avers.

Desmond Mpilo Tutu, a South African social rights activist, rightly  says that if you are neutral in a situation of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor. If an elephant has its foot on the tail of a mouse and you say that you are neutral, the mouse will not appreciate your neutrality.

Tolerating intolerance is a cowardice act. And it is the real cause of violence in Kerala, remarks J Nand Kumar, Prachar Pramukh of RSS. “In Kerala, Kannur is the epicentre of communal hatredness. In 1994, C Sadanandan Master’s two legs were chopped off by CPI (M) goons. This horrendous attack happened in a busy market place, but nobody came to rescue him.  Leftists destroyed the peaceful society of Kerala due to an out-dated philosophy.  But they blame RSS for it. They ridicule swayamsevaks and they say all this is orchestrated and directed from Nagpur.   They abuse RSS and try to stop progress of the Sangh.  They hold RSS responsible for Mahatma Gandhi’s murder and do politics over it. The whole world knows RSS adhers to Gandhi’s economic and social policies, respects Gandhian nationalism although there are some differences with his political thinking.   Today, Marxists every step resembles to anti-nationalism. For decades they  have been using Gandhi’s name for nothing other than grabbing power,” he adds.

“The violence meted out is primarily meant to deter RSS’s rank and file from growing further. Akin to other Semitic religions, apostasy is an unreasonable sin in communism as well and  hence swayamsevaks are awarded with death. With CPM in power, Kerala has been witnessing a spate of violence and murders, as the Kannur model is being promulgated in other parts of the state too. Both CPI (M) State Secretary Kodiyeri and Kannur District Secretary P Jayarajan have openly called for violence on RSS and other nationalist organizations. In hiruvananthapuram, BJP’s state committee office was attacked by assailants and bombed thereafter. A political student must have read about Romania’s authoritarian communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu and his diamond-gold studded bathroom, who enjoyed a life of luxury and privilege. That opulent lifestyle endured on the cost of the common man’s living.  Chief Minister, Pinarayi Vijayan, son of toddy topper, turned into  an emblem of corruption, goondaism and other unlawful activities in the state and became one of the richest persons of Kerala.  Now, it seems Pinarayi Vijayan is Kerala version of Ceausescu. So, what can a common can expect from such a leader?  On the one hand Prime Minister Modi’s family is not taking any privilege, on the other hand, so-called leaders of masses like Vijayan are the looting common man’s hard-earned wealth. Where is our country going, one can easily foresee it?,” Nand Kumar remarks.

It is no strange that killings of  RSS workers have been taking place for long. The dominant political parties of Kerala, the Left and the Congress have  been involved in communal politics since Independence.  Sarsanghchalak MS Golwalkar was attacked by Communist workers in Thiruvanthuparam while addressing a rally in 1948.  Kerala has a literacy rate of 98 per cent but the conspiracy and massacres of Hindu people are still on.  Abductions and kidnappings of Hindu people  are common in the state.

Kerala has always promoted itself as a peaceful state with secular credentials. The state takes great pride in proclaiming about co-existence of all religions, with no incidences of rioting. However, reality is a far cry from what appears on the surface.

Beneath the peaceful façade of Kerala lurks the dark underbelly of political violence and extermination.

 J Nand Kumar maintains that Communists all over the world believe in only one ideology, “Power by any means”. Communist regimes across the world have killed approximately 100 million people. To take a look at the figures in India, in 1997 Buddhadeb Bhattacharjee brazenly stated in reply to a question in the West Bengal assembly that between 1977 and 1996, 28,000 political murders were committed. The enormity of this statement dawns on us when we figure out that an average of 125.7 murders took place in a month. That means the daily rate of murder was four.

“Academicians, leftists and so called seculars continue to hail the Kerala model of development but the general public remains unaware of the cost of this development. When Communists gained power through  ballot in 1957 for the first time in Kerala, they brought along with them the political philosophy of suppressing dissent by indulging in political killings. These ‘mafia’ killings have been a continuing trend in Kerala for the last six decades. Irrespective of whether in power or not the spate of killing people opposed to their ideology has remained the same. The Communist Party has been wedded to the cult of violence to achieve its political objective.

Murder is a political instrument in their hands. Kerala has lost hundreds of young nationalists in their fight against the totalitarian regime,” emphasises Kumar.

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 When Advaita Kala, screenwriter of Bollywood movies like Anjana Anjani etc., narrates the heart-breaking story of two Sujiths’ killings, one was on  February 16, 2016 and another was on September 17, 1996, it stuns one and all. “In Kannur’s Pappinassery panchayat, neighbours have gathered at the house where 27-year-old Sujith used to live. One of the handful of BJP workers in this CPM bastion, he was hacked to death by more than 15 CPM workers. In Sujith’s room, his clothes were still hanging. His mother was yet to come to terms with her son’s murder. Nothing but Marxist’s ideologies took his life. Sujith’s father, Janardhanan P. and his mother were also attacked as they tried to save their son. In another disheartening incident on September 17, 1996   the horrific Parumala murder took place. Three Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad activists — Anu, Sujith and Kim, who were students of Devaswom Board College, Parumala, were cornered by a violent mob of SFI, CITU and DYFI goons. The gang threatened to kill them, owing to their active participation in the college ABVP unit. Fearing that death was just a few inches away, the students ran for dear life and jumped into River Pampa, hoping to swim across to safety. But the heartless Marxists goons pelted stones with such severity that the boys found it impossible to swim across the tide. There were a few womenfolk who stood witness to the entire incident, who were washing clothes. They tried to rescue the boys by throwing their sarees into the water, hoping that the boys could catch hold of them and climb to safety. But the women were menacingly chased away by the SFI goons, who showered abuses and pelted stones at them. The helpless women had no option but flee the place. And much to the glee of the sadistic goons, the boys were drowned. Kerala was ruled by Communists then, who did away with every shred of evidence. They even went to the extent of manipulating the post-mortem report. A fresh testimony was created, stating that the boys were drunk, which led to their being drowned. With the aid of these forged evidences, the Marxist leadership successfully won the case.

Both Sujiths fathers continues to live in dejection, pining away at the sheer injustice meted out to their sons,” she points out.

The saga of Communist intolerance in God’s own country is inexpressible.  KK Ranjan, T Ashwani Kumar, Vinod Kumar, Anoop and many braves, the list is long, had laid down their lives since independence to uphold the  nationalism.  If it goes on, another Pakistan may carve out of India in no time.

by Sanjay k Bissoyi 

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