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Redefining Style

Updated: October 19, 2013 2:16 pm

Gadgets have gained an irreplaceable part in our lives and now they are all set to become a style statement in not so distant future. Tech industry has developed unique products that are fashionable and user-friendly in nature. Gadgets these days are getting smaller by every passing second and are becoming more sophisticated and advanced. With a vigorous evolution in the technology sector, developing wearable gadgets is the mission of many companies and several newly products stand testimony to this fact.

Here are some of the functional and fashionable items that have the appearance of everyday apparel camouflaging simple but powerful gadgetry:


This gadget has everything to do with your health. It came out in 2011 and it uses motion sensors to detect your movements and algorithms to chart your sleep patterns. The best part is that it should be able to wake you up at the optimal time during your sleep cycle.


Google has changed the face of technology by developing a spectacle-like device Google Glass. The Internet-connected headgear is set up to let users receive search results, read email, scan maps for directions and engage in video chats without reaching for a smartphone.


Nike’s FuelBand is a small device which tracks your daily exercise and the calories burnt while doing activities. It is best for those who are fitness crazy and who want to lose weight. The simple device comes with a Bluetooth connection so it can connect to your smartphone and it will send the data to your device. And the best part is it fits perfectly on your wrist and is the perfect handy little gadget.


If want to wear a t-shirt built in with graphics based on sound sensation, then T-qualizer is the right choice for you. The t-shirt is very cool with lights flash up and down, bars in time to sound and is very cool to be wore in clubs. T-Qualizer dynamically changes with sound.

An Italian company Hi-Fun has developed a crazy new gadget known as HI-CALL, a Bluetooth glove that allows you to talk through your hand. It sounds little bizarre but it is true as the left glove features an integrated speaker sewed into the thumb and a microphone sewed into the pinkie finger which allows to take call and talk without touching your smartphone.

By Rohan Pal

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