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Reconciliation, Return & Rehabilitations of Migrants  welcomes new domicile law of J&K 

Updated: May 21, 2020 1:36 pm
Reconciliation, Return & Rehabilitations of Migrants  has welcomed the new domicile law. It says that political parties of J&K exploit fundamental rights of Minorities. The new domicile rules for Jammu and Kashmir are a welcome development and an important milestone in the nation’s history.  All Kashmiri Pandits associations and individuals have welcomed this. The new domicile rules will go a long way to address some of the grave issues being faced by the persecuted community. Not only does it end the discrimination towards women, and Schedule Castes, it also sets in a fair agenda for the upcoming generation of the Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs, etc born post 1990, who were finding it difficult to obtain domicile certificates due to certain vested hostile elements in the valley.
“We also welcome the new domicile law since all the sons and daughters of the soil, who had left or were forced to leave their homeland since 1931 onwards, will now be the beneficiaries. The new domicile law has simplified the eligibility process for Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs and other hindus. Since POK is the part of jammu & kashmir & already J&k assembly has reserved legislative seats for them. We urge GOI to include people of PoK in the new domicile rule,” it says.
Reconciliation, Return & Rehabilitations of Migrants  Says that it condemns the statements of the individuals & political parties who oppose new domicile law .This exposes the mental state of individuals how these political organisations & individuals are against Minorities fundamental rights,  rather than protecting the fundamental rights of minorities such political organisations & individuals have always exploited them for their self Benefits.
On Return and Rehabilitation Promise, it says—
So far so good, and now the priority of the Central government is to fulfill the pending promise towards the return & rehabilitation of the Kashmiri Pandits in Kashmir. Now is the opportune time to announce the rehabilitation policy of the Kashmiri Pandits .
We demand an immediate sanction of Rs three lakh crores towards rehabilitation (both physical and economic). Union Home Minister Amit Shah has said in Parliament and individually also that Kashmiri Pandits will be rehabilitated in the ten districts of the valley. Therefore, we urge the Government of India to immediately notify the land towards this across the 10 districts of the Kashmir Valley.
Our constitutional & fundamental rights have not been protected being a minority in Kashmir valley. Therefore, we seek minority status for the minorities in Kashmir which includes the Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs and others.  We demand that ten seats be reserved for us in the Assembly.
Being a minority in Kashmir, we want 30 % seats quota to be reserved for Kashmiri Pandit Migrants and Sikh Migrants in all professional colleges of J&K.
 There should be age and qualification relaxation for Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs and others under the PM employment package scheme or otherwise.
We seek special quota in jobs too like the SC/ST or a similar category so that the victims of terrorism are uplifted & justice is delivered.
We demand that the Government of India/ State government provide any industrial land to Kashmir Pandit Migrants to set up industry towards their economic rehabilitation in the valley.  We urge Govt of India to immediately sanction minimum 400 Acres of land for Kashmiri Pandits, 100 acres for Kashmiri Sikhs and 50 acres for Kashmiri Buddhists, which should be allocated/reserved for the Kashmiri Migrants/minorities, who want to set up industry in Kashmir at nominal cost.
We also urge Govt of India to sanction 20 acres of land towards setting up the Sharda University. Sharada University had been a heritage of Kashmir (Asia) in teaching Vedic literature, Ayush & spirituality. We request Govt of India to sanction Rs 200 crores towards setting up the university in Kashmir. This would help us to revive the ancient heritage of the entire Asia & J&K state.
Most of the temples in the valley are approximate 5000 years old as mentioned in the Rajtrangani , the oldest recorded history on Kashmir. We demand that these temples be restored and brought under the ASI control.
 In this years’ budget it has been proposed to introduce the following three religious circuits:  Shankaracharya – Mata Khir Bhawani – Martand      (Mattan) . But we request that Hari Parbat, Mata Chakreshwari, who is the creator of Kashmir land and is more than 5,200 years, should also be brought under the circuit.  The Shiv temple of Baramulla,   which also has a mention in the Rajtrangani,  Sharda temple of Kupwara , and Jawala ji temple in Khrew  be also considered for the heritage circuit.

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