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Reading between the lines

Updated: January 8, 2011 4:07 pm

Congress took a very offensive stand on the issue of corruption in its 83rd plenary session. PM has presented himself for public scrutiny by saying that he is ready to appear before PAC. However, it is being said that PM’s this move was not a well-thought out strategy, instead he responded on the spur of the moment to the reactions from the main Opposition NDA a day before Sonia’s speech on corruption and PM’s integrity. This fact is substantiated by the fact that PM’s speech both in Hindi & English, which was circulated to the media, didn’t contain the PAC part. However, an addendum, attached to the speech, contains it. But what is surprising is the fact that the addendum too contains three lines in between its two-paragraph text, which contains nothing. When a general secretary of the party was asked about it, he commented that it is left to you to “read between the lines”.

Missing Priyanka

There was too much eagerness among all the Congress party workers to attend its plenary session. However, a provision of paid special invitees was also made, so that party workers other than AICC and PCC members could also attend the event by paying Rs 530. But very famous and important member of the Nehru-Gandhi family was conspicuous by her absence. It was Priyanka Gandhi Vadra. Sources said that she had been missing from the political scenario of the country for two-three months. Sources added that it may be because she was gaining more attention than Rahul and Sonia is more interested in the political career of Rahul than that of Priyanka.

Star Politicians

Stars-turned-politicians have their own attitude and style. They have no business with the party decorum or policies. They are only keen as to how to grab the attention from the leaders and the people. This was clearly seen in the plenary session of AICC. Film star Nagma was seen there and media, especially electronic media, gathered around her and started to ask questions on various issues. At first she tried to give answers but when her political knowledge reached the limit, she simply escaped. Another star politician was cricketer-turned-politician Azharruddin. An elected Congress MP from Moradabad Azharruddin was seen constantly trying to grab one of the seats reserved for the ministers. Despite SPG forbidding him many times, he continued to sit there.

Furious Sharad

NDA convenor Sharad Yadav is very angry. He expressed his anger and disappointment saying that he is trying hard to expand NDA but BJP is ruining everything. He is trying to woo other parties, including those who were earlier in the NDA, to join them on corruption issue so that they can isolate Congress more vigorously. In fact, he had contacted many parties and also got a green signal from three of them, but at the last moment they refused to join hands saying that it is not the appropriate time. It is believed that they refused due to the involvement of BJP in the Ayodhya issue. Sources said that Sharad is using his personal contacts to woo the parties but it is not fructifying owing to the confusing stand of BJP. A close ally of Sharad said that this is the main reason why Advani didn’t let Sharad to speak in a press meet of NDA held at the residence of the latter.

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