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Re-Style Your Smartphone

Updated: February 8, 2014 4:10 pm

Go for launchers that transform your android-enabled smartphone’s orthdoxical style into a unique and customisable design

Bored with the regular user interface? Now you can transform your regular android UI into a fashionable one. Smartphones come in latest design but the user interface is almost the same in all phones. So, if you want to give a fresh look to your smartphones, here are some launchers that can redesign your display into something fanciful.

Espier Launcher 7

A launcher that can make your android taste Apple’s IOS7 is none other than Espier Launcher 7. Espier Launcher 7 is the flat-style edition of the best and the most popular Apple style home screen app (Espier Launcher) for android smartphones. The launcher modifies your user interface into IOS7. One has to download many additional features through which one can make one’s phone an Apple-like device.


A very simple yet effective launcher, Dodol Launcher allows you to give a new look to your home screen and menu with its wide variety of themes. While other launchers only decorate the home screen, Dodol Launcher allows users to modify fonts, ringtones and keyboards.

Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is an apex in the field of launchers that is highly customizable as it comes with an option of customization of home screen, infinite scrolling, fancy transition etc. This helps in the transformation of your android phone according to your style.

Launcher 8

If you want to transform your android device into a window-like interface then Launcher 8 is the one. The launcher changes your android display into pseudo-Window 8 format so that you use android in the Window style.

Chameleon launcher

Chameleon Launcher is more of a home screen replacement which runs both on phones and tablets. It has included an innovative context system, which decides the best home screen for you through GPS locations, Wi-Fi network etc.

By Rohan Pal

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