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Re-Energise Yourself

Updated: October 13, 2011 10:56 am

A smiling, cheerful person inspires everybody around and creates a positive energy all around him. He not only reduces his stress levels but also the people’s those who are around him. It may be for a short period, but at least for sometime people around him forget all their worries and indulge in light atmosphere talking and laughing. Positive thinking and happy living help a person stay healthy.

Stress has become a part of our life and affects different people in different ways. Too much stress can overload a person’s coping mechanism and result in side effects of stress. If we are over burdened, the best way to destress is to take little rest by making some adjustments. It so happens that sometimes even day to day work goes out of control. In such a situation we must focus on one task at a time. During stressful times nutrients are absorbed at a faster rate than the rate at which body can replace those nutrients, toxic by-products rapidly build up and every organ of our body is asked to work harder. We should support our body with diatary supplements to help compensate the effects of the stress on our body, this helps supply nutrients used up during the stress. One should take time to breathe deeply and fully to find a moment of calm. A good night’s sleep helps our body to recharge and heal. Doing some Yoga exersises too reduces stress levels considerably.

Our body responds well if we eat regular nourishing meals. It often helps to plan nutritious meals and snacks ahead of time.We should visit grocery shop once a week so that we can have healthy foods and snacks available for weeks to come. Then it is less likely that we will have to grab junk food. We would give our body the nourishment it needs without taking too much time and probably for less money. It not only normalises body functions but also eliminate toxins, increases energy, decreases depression.

A good night’s sleep is important to reduce the effects of stress on our body. It can make a lot of difference to our health and we will have a sense of well being. As sleep is renewing time for our body so are the moments of silent solace. It may be prayer, meditation, listening to music, art or a physical activity like dance or some sport. This becomes a source of renewal for our mind and heart. If we listen to music before going to bed at least for an hour, it helps in relaxing our mind.

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The following remedies will help re-energise your body

■    Usually the food we take contains 20 per cent water, if we take lots of fruits and vegetables the percentage of water in the body increases and removes the toxins from our body and revitalises the body.

■    We should drink at least 8 glasses of water daily or else fat will accumulate in our body which would lead to dehydration.

■    Wes should eat food items like green vegetables, papaya, water melons, nuts, almonds etc.

■    Kheera (cucumber), dates and tomatoes also contain upto 90 per cent water. Curd, milk, soup too fulfill the necessity of water.

■    We should reduce salts in the food intake and include carbohydrates and vitamins instead.

■    Bottle Gourd juice satiates excessive thirst.

■    Jogging, swimming and other physical exercise for at least 20 minutes help us in keeping fit and give relaxation to our mind.

■    Our body absorbs the nutrients at a very fast rate. So it is important to have nutritius diet.

■    A recent study tells us that those people who have the expression of smile are reported to be happier than those who do not make this facial gesture under the same conditions.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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