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Ravi Shastri’s anger

Updated: July 14, 2016 12:59 pm

If cricket is a gentlemen’s game, the recent pique and anger of Ravi Shastri was hardly a testimony of that. Anil Kumble kept quiet while Sourav Ganguly, the target of Shastri’s ire, hit back with equal venom. Ganguly is the original aggressive captain India had. He is credited with exorcising the inferiority complex our youngsters, increasingly coming from smaller towns and middle class families, developed when playing abroad.  If Shastri objected to the method of selection, not many could have felt that he was being childish or egoistic, but he seemed angry and upset that he was not appointed coach of the Indian cricket team. And the way he was questioning, albeit through innuendoes, the choice of Kumble, it sounded very childish.

It seemed he had taken for granted that he had the right to be coach, but was deprived of his rightful inheritance by ‘scheming’ selectors. What has he achieved? He has lost whatever goodwill he had. He has made some powerful persons his enemy. There are rumours that while he was director with the team in Australia, he was so biased against M.S. Dhoni and tried to promote Virat Kohli as captain, that Dhoni himself resigned. If this is true then this must have been one of the reasons for not choosing him.

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