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Rath Yatra of Lord Jagannath set to begin today in Puri, Odisha

By Vishwarupa Rath
Updated: July 1, 2022 12:34 pm

The auspicious ‘Rath Yatra’ would be celebrated today as the Lord of the Universe gets his chariot rolled ahead by millions of devotees. Puri, the lively city of Odisha, would be coloured with smiles and tears of joy as the world would be rejuvenating for the chariot festival .

‘Jagannatha’, the name couldn’t have been better owned by anyone other than the beloved Lord we’ll all rejoice today. As the heart winning deities, Shree Balabhadra, Shree Jagannatha, Jagat Janani Subhadra, start their chariot journey today, millions of people gather in a mad crowd to just be able to get a glimpse of those eternally beautiful eyes . Devotees from all around the world, of different colours, creeds, castes and classes, are there in this chariot festival to merely touch the Lord’s chariot, to adore their very own Lord, to look into his eyes and feel one with him. Why people often love Jagannatha in a way they love any of their fellow human beloved, is understandable. You see, every little ritual, each way in which Jagannatha lives in the temples and hence in our hearts, is so much like any common man.

He’s fed like a man, he’s given medicines when he’s ill , he is known to have flaws like us humans and nevertheless he is known to love and be loved just as we humans do.

After two years of the pandemic, this is the year all the devotees awaited so eagerly . Hence, it’s special, as these people carry their love and longing for God, their pain that they wanted to share with him for the past two years. Liveliness and faith, devotion and fondness will be the breath of Odisha today.


By Vishwarupa Rath

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