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“Ranbir And My Friendship Is Forever” — Deepika Padukone

Updated: August 3, 2013 4:24 pm

Seen as the next big thing in Bollywood, Deepika Padukone has a very busy schedule ahead. In this free-wheeling interview with C. Mohan, she talks about her friendship with Ranbir, her new movie, Chennai Express and other issues. Excerpts:

It is said that the breakup rumours between Ranbir and you have played an important role in
the grand success of Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. What do you have to say about it?

■   I can term it the wrong thinking of the reviewer. Only rumours, gossips and cock and bull stories cannot make a film a hit. If it had been so, then a lot of other movies of other pairs would have witnessed success in the box office, but neither the media nor viewers gave a positive result to them. I am lucky that my first film Om Shanti Om was a super hit in the box office. After Bachna Ae Haseeno, Ranbir and I certainly maintained some distance but this distance was dubbed a breakup by the media . It is noteworthy that we didn’t officially announce our breakup from any platform. Then why is the success of this movie being attached to our personal life?

There is a scene in the film where you say to Ranbir: Mujhe tumse pyaar ho jayega—phir se (I have fallen in love with you—once again). This dialogue has been used in promos and publicity of the movie, specially that “Phir se” phrase. Doesn’t it seem that adding “Phir se” in the dialogue is an attempt to encash the broadening gulf between both of you?

■   There are other romantic dialogues as well in the film but in every interview there has been a special mention of this dialogue. I don’t know what is so special in this dialogue, as it is being related with my personal life. It is also like the other dialogues in the film but, yes, after shooting this scene, Ranbir told me in a lighter vein that my these lines would surely make a breaking news. Now everyone is talking about this dialogue, and I recall Ranbir’s words.


But after Bachna Ae Haseeno you both had maintained a distance and even there was news in the media of your breakup. If we talk about present, then is there any breakup-like situation between Ranbir and you?

■   What breakup? I am really pissed off with all these groundless breakup rumours. Ranbir and I are very good friend. Please let our friendship only be friendship; don’t impose any relationship on us. Ranbir and my
friendship is forever. We both were friends, we are and will always be good friends.


We have come to know that Ranbir and you have signed another movie.

■   Everything is in the pipeline. I cannot say anything till I sign the film.

After Om Shanti Om, wasn’t it too long to work with Shah Rukh Khan in Chennai Express?    

■   There was no proposal in-between, but it’s not like that we didn’t meet. Often in award functions, events or film parties, we used to meet. And whenever Shah Rukh met, he used to talk about doing a film with me. In the meantime he made a lot of films under his banner. But when I wasn’t part of his film, then I often used to think that he must be joking. Well, after a long gap, I am happy that we both worked in an excellent film which would be appreciated by everyone.


Speculations were rife that in Ra-One Shah Rukh wanted to cast you in place of Kareena.

■   I never felt this thing, and neither did anyone approach me for the film. So how can I answer this question?

After many years, what change did you notice in Shah Rukh, in front of the camera?

■   This time I could talk more openly with him on the set. At the time of making of Om Shanti Om I was new and on the set, we used to talk in regards with movie. But this time, I was more comfortable and we used to talk on different topics. I found Shah Rukh friendlier this time. During outdoor shoot, he used to share memories related to Om Shanti Om with crew members and when he used to tell them that Shantipriya—which was my character in that movie—still comes in his dream, I used to go to my makeup van and sit there.

In this film, you are playing a character of Tamil girl. Has your dialogues been dubbed?

■   What are you talking about? I had spent my childhood in South. I am from a Kannada family and I write and read different south Indian languages. Even Shah Rukh has spoken his dialogue in Tamil only.

Did you feel sometimes that you should have made a career in sports just like your father?

■   I personally believe in destiny. When I was a kid, I always wanted to make a career in sports, but, I guess, it was not accepted by destiny. I couldn’t have become a sports person in real life, but I am looking forward to do a sports film like Shah Rukh’s Chak De India.


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