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Rajesh Rajpal An Art Aficionado

Updated: January 8, 2011 4:47 pm

Art in any form is a gift from nature to human being without any discrimination of caste, creed and status but to produce that art in a presentable form one needs a proper platform and sponsors which nature cannot provide. It is also a bitter fact that many talents die or stay hidden due to lack of proper platform to showcase their arts.. That is why, Rajesh Rajpal, who himself is a very talented artist, thought of creating a forum through which any artist can showcase his talent. Thus the Art India International came into being and started to promote the talents that are hidden in the society.

                The founder of Art India International Rajesh Rajpal said that he is trying to promote those artists who are struggling for establishing their identity. “Whenever an artist contacts us, we examine his work and if we find that it needs to be improved, we provide him proper guidance and infrastructure free of cost,” he informed. He said: “We also suggest them themes. When we are assured that they are now mature enough, then we organise an exhibition of their works. Art India International has organised six such exhibitions. It has its own studio as well as a gallery to organise exhibitions. Although, it had organised all the exhibitions at its own gallery, the first time, it had hired a gallery at Indian Habitat Centre and organised an exhibition of paintings of Baldev Maharatha from Bhubaneswar, Odisha.

                Baldev Maharatha is a lecturer in the Department of Painting (Indian Style) at BK College of Arts & Crafts. He has participated in various international, national and state-level group shows. His many solo shows have also been organised. He has been honoured by many awards. Art India International has organised his solo exhibition from 22 to 27 December, 2010. It attracted a lot of attention of art-lovers of the capital. Mr Rajesh pointed out that paintings were also made available for sale at the exhibitions and the artist was also given his share.

                Art India International also facilitates the revival of old paintings. Right now there are only three institutes including Art India International, which have that facility. It is noteworthy that Art India International has made a good progress and rendered service to the art world. Such efforts should be encouraged by the society.

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