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Railways to run 200 special trains from Oct 15 

Updated: October 2, 2020 12:26 pm
Railway Board Chairman and CEO V K Yadav has said that the Railways is planning to introduce 200 special trains between 15th October and 30th November to cater to passengers travelling during the festive season.

Addressing a virtual press conference in New Delhi yesterday, Mr Yadav said, Ministry of Railways conducted meetings with the general managers of zones and instructed them to speak with local administrations and review the status of coronavirus. He said, they have been asked to give a report after which the number of trains to be  introduced during the holiday season will be decided. Mr Yadav said  as of now   it is estimated  that around 200 trains  will be run.

Mr Yadav  said that the occupancy of clone trains, which were introduced  in routes with high demand is around 60 per cent. He said, Ministry of Railways has decided that wherever the clone train is filled, it will run another clone train on the same route to ensure that no passenger is waitlisted.

Regular trains have remained suspended indefinitely   since 22nd March.

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