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Rahul Succeeds In Maintaining His Record

Updated: January 17, 2015 6:30 am

The heir-apparent and hope of the 129-year-old Congress Party, Rahul Gandhi deserves to be complimented for breaking his own record in elections. He may be accused of many failures but he cannot be chastised for failing to keep his ‘attainments’ in all the elections in which he campaigned for his party.

In his first serious outing during the Bihar Assembly elections he campaigned vigorously blaming the Opposition for all the ills. The outcome—from nine seats in the outgoing assembly to four.

Then he criss-crossed Uttar Pradesh during Assembly election there, as an angry young man, even rolling up his sleeves and tearing the manifesto of the Samajwadi Party in full view of the audience at his meeting. At another meeting when SP workers raised slogans and waved black flags, his chamchas including RPN Singh, then a minister, rushed down from the podium to bash up the impertinent SP workers. But the net result—Congress came down to 28 seats from 44 odd in the out-going Assembly.

In the recently concluded election in Jharkhand, Rahul Bhaiya maintained his record of diminishing returns. He campaigned in eight constituencies resulting in seven losing with unflattering margins. Only one won by 1500 odd votes against an Independent.

The joke is, send return club class ticket to the Prince if you want your Congress rival to lose. Hail your leader, ye all Congress chamchas!

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