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Rahul becoming national entertainer?

Updated: January 26, 2017 2:39 pm

Its beyond the comprehension of normal person. But our Rahul Gandhi, alias Prince, Pappu is hardly a normal, average person. His ability to put his foot in mouth, has no parallel. He has proved it over and over again in the last few years and thereby provided free entertainment to millions. But recently he excelled himself at a public meeting.

While addressing a fairly large crowd Rahul Bhaiya, possibly got carried away and claimed that he had been wearing a torn kurta  and then showed it to the audienceby moving away from the lectern and lifting the torn part of his kurta. He then hammered the point that Modi strutted around suits costing lakhs.

He has been talking about a million worth Modi suit for over a year, to drive home the point that the Prime Minister was friend of around 50 wealthiest but he had no time to worry about impoverished farmers.

By showing his torn kurta, he gave a practical demonstration of while he cared for the poor, Modi helped and mixed only with the rich.

Friend and well-wisher of the poor, Rahulji, seems to be unaware of the fact that the ‘poor’ he has been talking about do not  wish and avoid wearing torn kurta or dhoti. Will he truthfully tell how many poor he saw while spending a night at a dalit’s house, in torn dresses?

He should, otherwise would end up as a mere source of mirth. He should play the video and here the laughter when he was showing his torn kurta.

For a long time one was doubtful of the I/Q of his advisers and strategists and also as to how much they knew about Indian culture and ethos. But this antics of Rahul, which fooled none except exposing his own idiocy in believing that Indians were without brains.  Who conceived, scripted, and directed this hilarious drama, the Prince and his torn kurta? They deserve an Oscar!

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