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Rahul Baba ko gussa kyon aya

Updated: October 21, 2016 12:31 pm

It didn’t take long to find out what caused such frustration that Rahul lost his sanity and accused Narendra Modi of being Khoon ke dalal.

Prashant Kishor was hailed as the architect of Narendra Modi’s Lok Sabha victory in 2014, and as the man behind Nitish Kumar’s facile win in the 2015 Bihar Assembly polls. But the master poll strategist now faces the biggest challenge of his career — resuscitating the Congress for next year’s Uttar Pradesh Assembly elections.

Kishor took over the reins of the Congress poll strategy in February, and has been camping in the state ever since. However, reports suggest he is facing hurdles at every level — the Congress is almost non-existent at the grassroots.

Now, we learn that in a confidential report prepared by Kishor he tells Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi that the party faces grim prospects in the forthcoming election. The party lacks young leaders,  as leadership has failed to groom young and belligerent leaders.

Rampant factionalism within the party has weakened the Congress. It does not have a clear strategy to counter the castiest politics of the dominant regional parties. There is no leader who can effectively forge a favourable social engineering formula for the party.

Kishor also noted that the Congress has failed to understand the mood of the Muslim voters and win their trust.

The youth wing of the Congress has proved to be inefficient. There are no serious efforts to attract the young electorate.The frontal organisations of the party are redundant in the state. They remain only on paper. The party organisation has consistently failed to build mass movements against the government.

All the weaknesses, he has pointed, out are due to lack of organisational skill in RahuI.  The report is in effect an indictment of Rahul. No wonder, he is frustrated and angry.

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