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Quizzes to combat empty mind

Updated: March 22, 2017 12:01 pm

Have you ever spent endless hours at a hospital or an airport and you are not a smartphone game lover? You must be irritated by that time as empty mind is devil’s workshop. But if you download below-mentioned quiz apps, your smartphone can rescue you from unoccupied mind. They also enhance your information-based knowledge.

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This has to be one of the more popular quiz apps in the smartphone world. The app lets you compete with either friends from social media or a complete stranger. It also lets you choose a topic of your choice and pairs you with competitors accordingly. So take your pick from anything from travel, literature, food, cinema to something as specific as a Harry Potter quiz. As you win games, you climb the ranks and win titles.

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The Moron Test

This one’s a fun and addictive game that lets you test yourself with questions that are ridiculously easy and humorous. As the game progresses, the questions become more interesting and challenging. Answer as many questions as you can to graduate from being a Moron to becoming a Genius. The app’s interface is quirky and makes whiling away those endless hours more fun.

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Remember the classic television quiz show that had us glued to our television sets? Jeopardy! is a mobile app that has players competing over trivia questions covering a variety of topics just like the show. The app also has game avatars that can be customised by the users. One can play either single-player games or multi-player versions. The one advantage of playing this on the mobile version is the fact that the questions are multiple choice.

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Draw Something

Remember those long summer vacations spent playing Pictionary at your grandmum’s place? Draw Something is based on similar lines and lets you draw pictures while your friends try to make sense of it. With a number of colour palettes at your disposal, you can bring out your creative best. Detail diligently and use power ups to help people guess the image better. You can use your social media accounts to connect with friends or find a random opponent to play with.

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National Flags Quiz

Remember Sheldon Cooper enthusiastically and very diligently hosting his numerous Fun with Flag shows with Amy Farrah Fowler? Well you can channelise your inner Sheldon with this fun National Flags Quiz. It’s a great way to kill time and expand your flag-horizon. The app offers one a fun and stimulating way to learn and identify a country’s flag with images and hints to help you along the way. The app also helpfully throws up multiple choices to make the quiz slightly easier.

 By Sanjay k bissoyi

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