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Quick-Witted PANI

Updated: April 9, 2011 11:36 am

It has almost become a ritual that whenever the BJP raises any issue, its rivals start to make bogey of communalism. This was seen recently in the upper house of the Parliament when RJD MP Ram Kripal Yadav started to blame BJP for its said involvement in communal activities. To counter him BJP MP from Odisha Rudra Narayan Pani attacked him saying that they are chara chor. Pani repeated his allegation two-three times. In the break, the furious Yadav went to RJD chief Lalu Prasad Yadav and complained about the allegation of Pani. Lalu Yadav called Pani and asked him why he was making such an allegation. Pani shot back whether it was not true. Lalu said that it was an old issue. Then Pani said in a light vein that okay he would call him the king of corruption!

Confused Jaswant

Jaswant Singh has returned to BJP but he has not got his old place in the party and thus he is not feeling comfortable yet. He expressed his discomfort at a function organised in New Delhi recently. It was the occasion of Nanaji Deshmukh Memorial Lecture oraganised by Deendayal Research Institute and Jaswant Singh presided over the function. He said in his presidential speech that he was confused as to why the organisers invited him as he was quite controversial for his remarks and the book and he was no more involved in any organisational issues. Organisers interrupted him saying that now that he had returned to the party, the dispute was over. Jaswant Singh replied, “Yes, but I am confused.”

Love Birds

Who are the love birds of the Parliament? Now it is no more a secret. Yes, they are the ex-union minister of state for external affairs, Shashi Tharoor and his newly-wed wife, the famous business person Sunanda Pushkar. They were seen in the Parliament recently. Shashi Tharoor was about to deliver a speech in the house and his wife chose to be present there to boost his morale. However, since it was difficult to get a glimpse of Tharoor from the visitors’ gallery, she changed her seat and went to the VIP gallery but still could not see him. Then she went to the Speaker’s gallery making a full circle of the house and found it comfortable there. During the entire speech of Tharoor, both had a constant eye contact and exchange of gestures.


The budget session of the Parliament witnessed several ups and downs, and once again Congress leaders proved that no leader including PM Manmohan Singh or even the government itself is more important than Sonia Gandhi. It was seen when Opposition was making hullabaloo in the house on the issue of corruption after the WikiLeaks disclosures. The Opposition leaders were shouting the slogans UPA govt. chor hai, and Congress govt. chor hai, but the house kept on running uninterrupted. However, when they started to name Sonia Gandhi saying Sonia Gandhi chor hai, quickly many Congress MPs came into the scenario and the house was adjourned.

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