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Question Of Faith

Updated: October 23, 2015 10:15 am

AGAIN and again Satiricus comes back to the basic reason why he is a Hindu. It is that he is too much of a retard to be either a Christian or a Muslim. Take Obama. Is he a Christian, or a Muslim, or a Christian Muslim, or a Muslim Christian?Satiricus is simply not sure. Early in Obama’s presidency the media had reported that, as per a survey, one in every five Americans thought he was a Muslim. Then there was that news of his grandma going to Mecca on a Haj pilgrimage. And then there was also the news that when, during his visit to Turkey, he went to address Turkish MPs, he was introduced by his full Muslim name, and he told the MPs, ‘I am one of you’. That settled the matter for Satiricus. But what happened? To disabuse the moronic mind of deluded Satiricus Obama took his family to a Christian Church and got himself photographed as pictorial proof of being a Christian. Now that was a very visible certificate of Obama’s Christianity—and yet, when, the other day, a questioner at an election meeting of Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called Obama Muslim, Trump declined to correct him. Why? Because, apparently, what is politically correct and what is religiously correct are two different—and differing—things. So maybe it is time Obama decided if he was a Muslim Christian or a Christian Muslim. Quite complicated, no? Thank God for making Satiricus a Hindu halfwit.

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