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Punjab Budget 2023-24: A blend of freebies and populist policies

Updated: March 10, 2023 5:12 pm

Budget 2023-24 was presented by the Punjab government today. The Punjab government has decided that now stubble will be used instead of coal in brick kilns. For this provision of financial allocation has been ensured in the current budget. The Punjab government will soon announce the new sports policy of the state. A budget provision of 258 crores has also been kept for this. 53 crore has been allocated for Sports University Patiala. Sports goods worth more than three crore will be purchased. 30 crore was allocated in budget to deal with cybercrime.

Budget of 30 crores for taking land for the police line and police offices and 10 crores for new buildings were allocated. Announcement was made to start 142 Aam Aadmi clinics soon. So far 10 lakh patients have benefited from Aam Aadmi Clinic.

Initial budget of 39 crores was made for a new project for secondary hospitals. 17 crore budget was made for the hospital set up in New Chandigarh to deal with cancer. 40 crore budget was made for running and upgrading the drug de-addiction center. 61 crore budget was made for 24 emergency services. Announcement was made to open two new medical colleges in Hoshiarpur and Kapurthala in the budget. 5 crores provided for the Liver Institute in Mohali.

For the first time in the budget of the Punjab government, a budget allocation of 40 crores has been made for the border area. Congress MLAs created a ruckus in the Punjab Assembly during the budget speech of the Finance Minister. On this, the speaker said that the budget is being read now. Time will be given for debate on this. The speaker told the Congress MLAs not to create ruckus like this to spread the news.

The Punjab government has kept a budget provision of releasing Rs 1834 crore to the revenue department to ensure transparency in revenue services. Punjab Finance Minister Harpal Cheema announced the release of Rs 2,700 crore for subsidized power to industrial units in the state.

The budget allocation of Rs 26,295 crore was announced by the Finance Minister in his budget for infrastructure development in the job. This is 13% more than the previous year. The government has decided to release a Rs 3,751 crore incentive amount to promote industries in Punjab. This is 19% more than the previous year.

A budgetary allocation of Rs 8,678 crore has been made for social welfare and social justice. This is 17% more than the previous year.

Budget provision of Rs 3,319 crore is made for rural development and panchayats, which is 11% more than last year. A provision of Rs 6,596 crore has been proposed for local bodies and urban development. Rs 7,780 crore has been allocated for providing power subsidy to domestic consumers.

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