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Punarnava is the Sanskrit name of Boerhavia diffusa.  In English it is called Spreading Hogweed. Punarnava means to renew or to rejuvenate.

Punarnava is a boon to kidney patients. Stones in Kidney or any kidney related ailment or even after the kidney failure if a person is on dialysis, this plant can save him. There are instances of stopping dialysis after taking the Punarnava juice and saved lives.

How to use: get this plant with roots, leaves, flowers and stems. Cut them into small pieces after washing them thoroughly in running water. Now take 200 gm of water and bring to boil on low flame for 5 to 10 minutes. While the water boils add the cut plant of Punarnava and boil till all the juice is infused in water. Filter the water and drink 50 ml daily in the morning.  It also helps to improve the functioning of the liver.

You can find this plant on roadside, in your back yard or along the fields. People often pull out and throw them thinking it to be some useless weed. Every plant given by God is useful to us in one way or the other says Ayurveda.


This plant is used in most of the medicinal preparations for kidney-related ailments. Let us know the other benefits of this plant:

  • This plant contains iron for improving haemoglobin levels in the body and calcium and vitamin C for muscles, bones and teeth.
  • Punarnava is the best herb to reduce swellings owing to its anti- inflammatory property. Apply coconut oil or castor oil on Punarnava leaves and tie as bandage on inflammation. The swelling will be reduced.
  • It is helpful in Arthritis as it reduces inflammation and pain in joints.
  • Take five leaves of Punarnava in your hand crush them, put in your mouth chew and eat and after that drink a glass of water. This helps in free flow of urine.
  • It has diuretic properties and is useful in controlling blood sugar levels in the body.
  • The Punarnava plant contains anti-bacterial properties against the common bacteria Gram negative. It is also an anti-cancer, anti -amoebic and anti- estrogenic agent.
  • The leaves of this plant can be cooked as vegetable and eaten to keep the body cool and reduce the excessive heat.
  • Those who suffer from Asthma can take 10 g of whole plant juice mixed with 2 g of Beheda powder. On regularly taking this juice, one gets relief from Asthma within one month. Punarnava promotes the removal of catarrhal matter and phlegm from the bronchial tubes. So it aids in asthma.
  • This is beneficial for Jaundice too. As it is already mentioned Punarnava is very good for liver disorders.  The herbal medicine using Punarnava helps to rejuvenate liver and detoxify it.  If the body is attacked with any of the infection the first stressful part would be the liver.  As a result the person becomes fatigued and lethargic.This herb can combat disorders of the liver like hepatitis and Jaundice.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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