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‘Prudent’ Pranab

Updated: June 4, 2011 12:58 pm

Results of the assembly elections have been announced. And there was no celebrations seen in the Congress party headquarters–24 Akbar Road, New Delhi. No rush of workers, no firecrackers, no dance or party! There was a complete silence at 10 Janpath too. The Congress was, however, already expecting this type of results. One senior leader, when asked about the results and performance of the Congress before the results, had commented that the BJP would not perform well. He, however, did not comment on the performance of the Congress. Similar comment was made by the main strategist of the party, Pranab Mukherjee after the results were declared. But Pranab not only forgot to mention the results of Tamil Nadu, he also refused to comment on the results of the bye-elections in which the Congress has lost miserably. But he kept insisting that the BJP had not crossed even the two-digit mark and that it should learn a lesson. He refused to comment on what lesson the Congress had learnt from the results.

Advantage Ajit

It seems that the Congress has some magical wand, using which it can get the support of its rivals like BSP. But keeping in mind the coming assembly elections in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress has started to woo the other players of the state politics too. That is why a simple Jat leader Ajit Singh became so important that the Prime Minister gave time to meet him, while the PM turned down many influential leaders of his own party including a Chief Minister. A senior leader commented that the party wanted to increase its vote share and, therefore, is looking for an alliance with some regional parties like National Lok Dal led by Ajit Singh. On the other hand, sources close to Ajit Singh indicated that he was not interested in the alliance, but he would like to have a ministerial berth at the centre in order to support the Congress in the state.

Virtual CM

The iron lady of Uttar Pradesh, CM Mayawati is very worried nowadays, as her political position is weakening. She was under pressure recently by the Congress on the PAC issue and she had to comply with the Congress. Her old loyal bureaucrats, who had helped her attain the power, have also left her alone with her new set of officers. A source close to Mayawati informed that she was so worried now that she was not meeting anyone. She is also not going to her office and has been spending time at her home only. The Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh is running the government on her behalf. One BSP leader commented that Shashank Shekhar Singh is the real Chief Minister today.


The BJP hasn’t done well in the recent assembly elections. Though the BJP leaders had already admittied that the BJP was not a big player in those states, it is said that the BJP could have won two-three seats more in West Bengal, if its senior leader LK Advani had not commented against Mamta Banerjee. Advani had targeted Mamta during his election campaign. He said that the Congress and Left were corrupt but Mamta hadn’t any administrative experience. After winning the election, it was now Mamta’s turn. When Advani called her to congratulate her, she refused to talk saying that she hadn’t time. Earlier Mamta commented on the Advani’s statement that she respected his age, not him as a leader. Once an alliance partners are now having such a bitter relation!

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