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Providing equitable healthcare is a priority

Updated: September 22, 2016 11:03 am

Overall development of the country is directly linked to rural health system said Faggan Singh Kulaste, MoS for Health and Family Welfare. He raised the issue of outdated laws as one of the major reasons why doctors refuse to take up employment in rural areas. Speaking at a conference on ‘Rural Health and Sustainable Development in India’, he elaborated on how the fear of harassment is having adverse effect on the country’s healthcare. The conference was organised by the policy advocacy group, Bharat Niti in association with Indian Medical Association, Rashtra Nirmaan, IIHMR University and Government of Assam. Himanta Biswa Sharma, Minister of Finance, Health and Education, Government of Assam challenged the way rural healthcare is looked at in the country. He praised the National Health Mission for being a game changer and putting the focus back on health and stated that ‘health to all’ is the dream of all citizens. Dwelling on the issue, Anupriya Patel, Union Minister of State for Health and Family Welfare expressed concerns on the state of infrastructure and the quality of healthcare in India. She said, even though India has travelled many miles since independence, a lot remains to be done in rural healthcare.  The day-long conference dwelt on many issues related to the rural health system in India. Dr.K.K. Aggarwal, Secretary-General, IMA endorsed the suggestions made by experts in the day-long proceedings. Providing equitable healthcare, concentrating on wellness, auditing every death in the country and having a uniform pay scale are among the ideas that found acceptance.

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