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Progressing India

Updated: May 9, 2015 12:09 pm

India that is Bharat

SATIRICUS is all for the progress. He knows that India that is Bharat may be boringly backward, but he also knows that Bharat that is India must be admiringly advanced. So Satiricus strongly and secularly supports former Kashmir chief minister Omar Abdullah who recently asked Congress leader Singhvi—“What the hell possessed him?” Omar’s outrage was at a recent tweet in which Singhvi tweeted : “We should be careful that Western rejects like Sunny Leone are not allowed to epitomise Indian culture or acquire the status of a Bollywood icon.” What on earth! Is this outdated Congress leader ignorant of the fact that Bharatiya Sanskriti has dazzlingly developed into Indian Culture? Gone are those days when women were backward enough to wear clothes, and now we are in these days when forward women don’t. Why, for the kind information of this Congressman, advancing India had already taken the first step towards this progress a few years ago when a so-called fitness centre for women in a metro city was teaching young married Indian women the fine art of ‘striptease’ that is, taking off their clothes before an audience. Then is it not a welcome sign of further progress to import an alleged lady of Indian origin from the west, where she used to perform an actual sex act on the stage before an audience? And is she not the very right symbol of Indian culture a la Bollywood?

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