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Price of Politics

Updated: January 2, 2010 4:45 pm

Love is the wisdom of the fool and the folly of the wise, yet the wise persons do fall in love. For, no price is too great for love. But some times, it appears that being in politics

weighs greater price. This befits a Trinamool Congress (TC) MP and the daughter of a CPM government’s minister of West Bengal. As the grapevine has it, the debutant Member of Lok Sabha from Tamluk, Suvendu Adhikari and the daughter of West Bengal Minister for Fisheries, who are old classmates, are in deep love. Both want to tie the nuptial knot but political differences are creating obstacles. Coincidently, the father of Suvendu is also a Lok Sabha MP from Trinamool Congress and represents the Kanthi constituency of West Bengal. But it is not secret that Mamata Banerjee-led TC and CPM-led West Bengal government are at daggers drawn with each other. And there are no chances that there will be an olive branch between the two parties in the near future, as state assembly elections are approaching nearer. So, in the Central Hall of Parliament the ‘hot topic’ about this ‘political division’ is on the carpet animatedly. But no one is in any position to predict whether the duo would be able to bear the palm by attaining the connubial bliss.

Beware of Third Eye!

The Parliament is fully equipped with a battery of security personnel and Watch & Ward staff to make it impenetrable from any type of security threat. And no doubt these sentinels are playing their role sincerely in guarding the Parliament. But recently they have been asked to be more “vigilant” within the premises of Parliament. Even though there are CCTV cameras installed everywhere to keep a close vigil, an unbecoming incident by two newly members of the Parliament “alerted” the entire security set-up of Parliament. In fact, the CCTV footage of one camera caught these two members riding roughshod over parliamentary decorum and decency, questioning their rectitude and probity. The abhorrent activities by these members were brought to the notice of seniors. Then the members concerned were informed about their repulsive activities caught on the camera and an informal complaint was lodged against them. The authorities concerned warned these members and also instructed the security personnel to keep tighter vigilance in the premises of Parliament. Hence, it is aptly said that it is better a leader of Fabianism than a member of improbity in Parliament.

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