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Prakash Javadekar hits out at Congress for playing politics on COVID-19

Updated: May 27, 2020 10:38 am
Union Minister and Senior BJP leader Prakash Javadekar yesterday hit out at the Congress saying when the country is fighting to contain the COVID-19, the Congress is playing politics on it.

Talking to media in New Delhi, Mr Javadekar said, while the whole world is appreciating India for imposing lockdown on right time, the Congress is criticizing it.

He said, Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s press conference today is an example of the politics the Congress is doing and what he said about the lockdown is wrong as well.

Mr Javadekar said, the COVID-19 doubling rate was three days before the lockdown and it is 13 now which reflects  India’s success.

He said, 45 lakh migrant workers were transported to their home states by over 3,000 special trains.

Citing various welfare provisions of the the Central government including five month free ration for over 80 crore poor and  transfer of 2000 rupees to nine crore farmers, Mr Javadekar said these measures in real term are more than 7,500 rupees that demanded by Mr Gandhi for the poor.

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