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Being practical a key to happiness

Updated: February 22, 2018 2:41 pm

According to Bhagavad-Gita, the universe is filled with beauty, harmony and melody. There is a certain rhythm to its movements. Really, it is a tune of numbers, laws, mathematical formulas and equations, which make the whole existence somewhat predictable. Every human being need peace to enjoy their life and it could only come with happiness which is the biggest weapon to tackle. everybody’s secrets to happiness may not be the same. Every people have their own way of expressing their joy, some find fun in watching movies, some in listening music, and some in playing, travelling or gossiping. There are people who search happiness in small things while some people may not be contended even they have the best of everything. Life secret is all about how people in spite of having the best of everything still search for something more just to gain fame and status in the society. The 3 article, true facts of life, true love and secret to happiness all have one thing in common and that is there is nothing in the world can make you happy until and unless you choose to be happy. It is high time for us to wake up and accept the fact that until or unless we make an attempt and become mature enough to accept the fact that “what we preach that need to be practiced”.

life secrets

Anita p shetty

published by : rigi publication

Pages : 25

Price: `90

While discussing some true facts of life, the author of this book says “when we talk about true facts of life what we really do understand by the term well to this I, would say everybody will have their own perception of life, it is all about their experiences whether good or bad   after all it is very difficult to comment how much pain a person must have gone through. Everybody has his or her own experiences. And when such experiences are share by them, it becomes an example which helps us to understand the world.”

This is the fact that this world is full of miseries and we have to tackle them through our hard works. In this universe, all people have to pass through problems. Of course, it has different faces, but it all gives the same pain. While writing on practicality, writer says that we all have to learn to be practical in life as we all have a dream in a life, a goal to achieve and such goals can defiantly be achieved with hard work. A true value of successes has its own importance only when it is gained after struggle in life. At a every stage of life we come across different situation such situation will either give us a good experience or a bad one.

‘Life Secrets’ which has been written by Anita P Shetty is an individual opinion of the writer who tries to convince the reader about their life. The content of this book appraise the true occurrences of human life. This book is very short and practical; therefore people may go through this book.


By Ravi Mishra






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