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PPRC to start five days online course on governance 

By Ravi Mishra
Updated: May 22, 2020 4:38 pm

Public Policy Research Centre (A think tank which works in the area of social development) is starting   five-days online course named ‘Understanding Good Governance’.

This announcement by PPRC was made through virtual conference chaired by Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe, Member of Parliament, Rajya Sabha & Director Public Policy Research Centre, New Delhi. Along with Dr. Sahasrabuddhe, Dr. Sumeet Bhasin, one of the Directors of Public Policy Research Centre was also present.


Addressing the conference Dr. Vinay Sahasrabuddhe said that while governance is a process of improving quality of decision making, good governance is when this process is based on some value which improves the quality of life enjoyed by all the citizens. To elucidate upon this concept in depth, PPRC is initiating an online course. Purpose of this online course, Dr. VinaySahasrabuddhe elaborated, is to impart insight on the Good Governance model of India through the perspective of the initiators.

Dr. Sahasrabuddhe elaborated that the online certificate course commence from 30th May, 2020 commemorating the completion of one year of Modi government. The course has been titled- certificate course on ‘Understanding Good Governance’ with broadly three objectives- Increasing governance literacy, performance based analysis and art of implementation, broadening public participation. It is well laid out Clinical course with high dignitaries as speakers and has nothing to do with party and politics. The course is open to all, academics as well as journalist, as the basic purpose of the course is to enhance the knowledge base about Good Governance imparted by the initiators themselves.

Outlining the details of the course, Dr Bhasin said, this five-day online course draws on historical perspective of good governance, explaining its evolution, growth via accountability and transparency and utilisation of technological interventions and promotion of innovation. He further explained that this virtual course will enableits users to join a virtual knowledge pool of theory, practice and successful case studies across the 6-years tenure of the NDA government.

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