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Powerful Mantras & Spiritualism will Finish all evil forces in Bharat

Updated: April 27, 2020 11:29 am

Friends Jai Shri Ram. Namaskar. Hope we all are hell bent now in Bharat to root out the nagative thoughts, evil forces and all sort of viruses . We all are united and strengthened our mental power to face any consequences that our motherland is facing. May it be our leader, doctor, security forces, media or social workers all are standing strong at the border to shoot out them who tries to make inroads into our great old grand civilisation. Friends today I feel to inform you all that at all circumstances, whether in good or bad times, people in Bharat have got great belief on spiritualism. Spiritualism is nothing but there are certain principles in our culture and tradition, to lead a disciplined life.

When we get up in the early morning at brahma muhurt, after opening our eyes we first join our palms and chant:

कराग्रे वसते लक्ष्मी, करमध्ये सरस्वति। करमूले तू गोविंद, प्रभाते कर दर्शनम

समुद्र बसते लक्ष्मी
पर्वत स्तानमंडले
विशनपत्तनि नमस्तव्यमव
पदस्पर्शये ख्यमस्वमे

Means, when we get up and in the bed itself we pray to Godess Lakshmi, Saraswati and God Govinda . In our palm we realise all our supreme powers in our hand. What a great tradition.
After getting fresh , we offer water to Sun God and chant Aditya Hridaya Strotam. And after offering water to Sun God we chant: Om Surayya Namah.. Om Savitaya Namah, Om Om Adityaya Namah. After praying to Sun God we normally go around in open areas for Sun bath. Scientifically early sun shine cures hundreds of diseases. One gets vitamin D from sun shine and friends due to over use of AC in urban areas, many people suffer from lack of Vitamin D. Naturopathy experts suggests us that we can get rid of from Thyroid and strengthen our immune system if we we can do brisk walk in early morning. Not only that when we walk I. The early morning in parks , we get pure oxygen that is very good for our heart, lungs and for over all proper blood circulation. We must meditate in the open areas for half an hour and chant OM for many times, that has many good effects to refresh and repair our brain. This is not told by me but by the experts who are doing research on the impact of changing of OM in to our brain. You don’t need to pay anything but just spare some time for keeping our body, mind and soul healthy.

We normally go to Shiva Temple or at any god or Goddess temple in Bharat and we do chant Maha Mryutyunjaya Mantra.

ॐ त्रयम्बकम जाजमहे सुगंधी पृष्टि वर्धानम उर्बरूका मिबबँधना मृत्युर्मुखी यमामबरतत

This mantra cures us from thousands of diseases besides keeping our mind cool. Even Lord Ramachandra chanted this mantra to satisfy Lord Shiva before going to Lanka to kill the demon Ravana. Imagine friends how rich was our tradition, every puja, Festival or any sort social observations we do perform in Bharat has got great scientific reasons .chanting of mantra or performing puja or following Brahminic way of life does not linked to any cast, Creed or religion. Brahmin is not not a cast, but it is said in our scripture that:

ब्रहमा जनाती इती ब्राह्मण

Means the soul that is empowered to recognise the real mantras of humanity is called Brahmin.

In Bharat on different occasions, we do chant different Gods and Goddes on different Tithis, According to the movement of stars and Sun God. In Bharat every month we can see observance of different ways of worships with specified mantras . Not only that on different festivals in Bharat, we do prepare and offer God different types of offerings prepared at home . We do enjoy it as Prasadam . But if we will see minutely then we can find that all these offerings on different seasons are also scientifically made and that is good for our good health. I will suggest one or two examples: In Sarad Purnima, we prepare Kheer and under the moon in the Purnima day, we offer it to moon. The kheer is put exposed under the moon and then we enjoy it as prasadam. But in real sense, the moon light rays has great scientific impact on the kheer. Secondly, I would like to give the example of Agni Purnima, in Odisha all the villagers unite and offer puja to Agni Devata. And also they burn potato, bringal or all types of vegetables . And then they all enjoy it as Prasadam . Before summer season this ritual happens and is called Agni Purnima. All people stand at least one hour before Agni Devata to get the good rays of heat. It is said that no one will suffer from any skin diseases of we receive hot days on Agni Purnima. No virus or bad bacteria will able to survive in our body after receiving this hot rays. There are many such healthy rituals in our society in different parts of Bharat for our healthy living and tention free life. If one would see back to old days, one can can find that there were not many crimes and people hardly were having stressful life.

In Bharat we worship Sun, river and tress as our God . We offer Diya to tree god . We offer offerings to river God. The reason behind this were we do care for our environment also. But the so called secular forces have a bad name to these rituals as Religion. Unfortunately this is not religion. Like Hindu is not a religion but a way of life. Sanatan Dharma teaches us:

वसुधैयवा कुत्तुम्बकम

Vasudhaiba Kutumbakam Means we have a great philosophy to accept the whole world as our family.

सर्वे। भबंतु सूखिनह

Means let every be happy in our society.
Our shashtra teaches us that: welfare of all. This is called the great philosophy of Bharat. Only thing we need to do is to again go back to our old civilisation to follow our own Bharatiya way of life that is inherently build for a healthy society. We don’t need to be chaos at any point of time if we imbibe our own bharatiya vedic culture and follow Upanishads. There are thousands of teachings in our Upanishads. We should facilitate our children to read the short stories from Ramayan , Mahabharat. Bhagwat to follow moral lessons in life.

We started our discussion on impact of Mantras to lead a healthy human life. It is not possible to describe all the mantras here. In Bhagwat Gita itself every stanza has got full of inherent meanings and one must follow that. If one understands Gita he will never face miserable life. Besides, Sundar Kand, Vishnu Sahashra Naam, Lalitha Sahashra Naam etc all have great impacts on our body, mind and souls. The best powerful mantra is chanting Ram Naam . This very easy and we can chant the name during our routine works also. Friends, today my opinions became little lengthy, but I hope it would helpful for you all at this time of despair .
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By Deepak Kumar Rath


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