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Power Of Self-Realisation

Updated: October 13, 2011 10:53 am

“Self” is the seat of ultimate knowledge. It is also the unit of universal creation. Therefore knowing self and realising the connection with the ultimate creator, could be most empowering phenomenon of human life. This self-empowerment can pave the way for the right utilisation of human life. We all, at some point of time or other, face few pertinent questions, such as: What is the goal of life? Are we using it in a purposeful way? Is our approach in life, complimenting the efforts to achieve the goal of life? How our personal, social and professional activities help ourselves and the people around us?

When such questions rise on the horizon of mind, they help in opening the doors of self realisation. If human life is very precious, then planning its correct use is also equally precious. Not knowing the self and leading an aimless life is like boarding a train without knowing the destination and purpose of journey. It is on this account that ancient scriptures and philosophers laid specific stress on knowing the self and clarity of life goals. It was core of conventional education and probably contributed significantly in developing a value-rich and humanly sensitive culture, in this land of India. Such knowledge was probably the corner stone of peace, prosperity, balanced social development and respect for all types of human approaches. It was most scientific and purposeful way to explore human life and its purpose.

It is this realisation which made even most mighty kings (Chakravarty Samraats) dutiful, humble, role-conscious and value-based, while discharging their duties towards their kingdom and people. Such realisation also helped them to remain soul conscious and perform their duty as the fountain head of a welfare state, even after having unlimited wealth (Videh). It is this approach which inspired saints and sages to educate the society towards a noble value system, even in the great forests and bewilders, having no worldly facilities and comforts, but with a coveted goal of imparting “true knowledge” to their disciples, without prompting them for worldly comforts. Result of such approach was a very contented, empowered and universally responsive society in this land of ours. We all feel proud of having such civilisation and culture, in our golden past. However, we lost this approach of self realisation, in due course of time, which worked as a “Mi-das Touch” for individual salvation as well as the development of a contented, inspiring and value based society.

This approach of life has a lot of promise, even today. Specially, when we are experiencing extreme of self-centeredness, materialistic and unconcerned approach in personal life and misuse of rights and power in social/ political life, leading to development of dissatisfied, confronting and frustrated societies, in all parts of the world. It is probably on this account that world is showing fresh interest in the spiritual approach towards life. Are we aware of this need of the hour and willing to develop our fresh interest in the science of “self realisation”? It could be a panacea for personal as well as social rejuvenation.

 By Dr Deepak Shukla

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