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Positivity; a way to success

Updated: May 3, 2018 2:28 pm

In this world full of intensively and extensively knowledgeable minds, we still lag behind having proper knowledge of ourselves. Interested much in other’s life, we seldom peep inside and try to know the true inner self.

But, to gain perfection, to reach till success, people need to know their self very well. Because if we are honest to ourselves, then only we can expect others to be honest with us. Punit Sharma in his book, ‘Enemy in Me’ has interpreted human psychology from the very core. This book by him acts like a mirror for us by which we are able to see and know various unknown facts about ourselves.

Studying all human natures, hesitation according to the author is a very serious but a secret killer. Very systematically, he has elaborated on what is hesitation? Why does it come? How does it affect life? And how to remove it?

He makes us understand the root cause of this enemy in us. Enlightening and thought-provoking examples are given in every part of the book which creates an interest in readers. The root causes are more or less the same but different in every case. So this enemy, called hesitation is born as a result of past experiences as well as ego, social and family background. While talking about these causes, the author explains how the easiest person to fool in this world is ‘me’. Yeah, we fool ourselves by creating irrelevant and harmful thoughts in mind which further leads us to hesitate. Then gradually, the writer introduces the psychological factors linked to hesitation. As per psychology, self-belief is the crucial thing in our development, and that is what makes us think positively and prepares us to deal with any situation. There are many interesting and useful questions for readers to test and know themselves and hesitation. The book also provides ways to be socially likeable by interacting with people with comfort and confidence. Confidence is that magic wand that can ward off hesitation. And to be confident, many helpful ways are given. Unique and practical suggestions are given by he author which can be really useful for readers because many portions of the book answer those questions that often disturb our minds. While reading this book, one won’t feel like all worthy knowledge and wisdom is being loaded on him. Rather, one will feel as if a close friend who very well understands him, slowly guides him to the solutions of many of his problems and resolves the threads of confusions in him. This is obviously because the writer has used a very simple, significant and friendly manner of writing the precious words.

Enemy in Me

By: Punit Sharma

Published by : Prabhat Prakashan


Price: `250/-

the author shows us ways to generate happiness. Because, of course, until we ourselves want to be happy, we can’t be happy by any frantic efforts. So once we’re happy, hesitation will slowly disappear and life will seem to be enjoyable.

This was the analysis and explanation of hesitation and it’s connection with our daily life. Now it depends on the readers as to how much they comprehend it and make the most out of it. At last, Punit Sharma says, “Either you kill hesitation, or let him do the honour.”

By Vishwarupa Rath







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