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Population Control Bill : A Self-Goal by Hindus

By Sandeep Singh
Updated: December 31, 2022 3:02 pm

There is a saying that Cat closes her eyes and thinks that no one is watching her. I am not sure if it is true or not but I am reminded of this every time I hear demand of Population Control Bill and Uniform Civil Code by Hindus. In this article I will cover Population Control Bill.

Before proceeding on the bill let’s look at what is happening across the world as far as population is concerned. As of now the population across the world is increasing. As for the population growth rate on a global level, this has slowed down over time, reaching its slowest rate, 1%, in 2020 compared to 1950. However, estimates show that, despite this deceleration, the global population could increase to about 8.5 billion by 2030, 9.7 billion by 2050 and 10.4 billion by 2080. World population will start declining from 2080. Let us break it county wise for better understanding. There are many countries facing the problem of population decline. From 2020 to 2050, the highest drop in population, 22.5%, will be recorded in Bulgaria. Lithuania follows with a 22.1% projected decline for the same period and Latvia ranks third with 21.6%. Following is a list of top twenty countries where the rate of decline of population is fastest. ( (See Table).

The decline in population is putting strain on many nation’s workforce. Japan is an example of the same. Italy in 2015, launched a programme offering an €800 (£725) payment per couple per birth to try to boost fertility rates. Many European countries are giving similar incentives.

In China there are talks of “demographic time bomb” from more than two decades. Their worry is a smaller working-age population having to support a bigger, retired population. Concerns over China’s ageing population led the government to end the one-child policy in 2015, allowing couples to have two children. But while this sparked a brief increase in birth rates, it failed to reverse the trend long-term.

To counter the population decline, there are talks of setting up an “artificial womb facility”, i.e., a large space with 30,000 “growth pods” or artificial wombs which can grow 30,000 human babies. It might become a reality. Will the new-borns be treated as human being or slaves for harvesting organs, use their skin for expensive bags, use them as exotic food etc. will be answered only in the future. Human being can do anything when they have money and power. The way European treated the natives of colonised nation is a proof of the same. King Leopold II of Belgium, used to cut the hands and feets of people of Congo, who resisted him. Even the children and wives of the men who could not meet their “quotas of producing rubber” met the same fate. Colonisers collected skulls of natives after killing them. It was considered as a trophy. There are chances that some babies produced in such labs will not be allowed to grow and kept as kids, just for fun. This will be new bonsai. Girl child will be produced to serve as sex slave. Nothing what I have written in this paragraph is not happening around us, now. It is just that most of it is illegal now. With the artificial lab coming in place all these will become industry and stocks will be traded of such companies. After all there were companies who traded in slave and were the most profitable companies of their time. East India Company was just one of them.

Moving out of the lab and coming back to the population issues. Workforce issue is a small problem of the decreasing population. There are civilizational issues which are linked to population. Let us understand it from the European’s perspective first because my concerns alone will be dismissed as being Islamophobic.

As more and more Muslims enter Europe, the Muslim population of major European countries has increased significantly. Statistics show that in the first 10 years of the 21st century, the growth rate of Muslims in Europe is 17%. The total number of Muslims in the 19 countries of the European Union has reached more than 23 million. In the same set of data, the proportion of the Muslim population in France has exceeded 7% of the total population. In addition to millions of Muslims who have been deposited in Europe but have not obtained a nationality. Among European countries, the number of Muslims in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium and other countries has increased the most. Of course, some European countries have now become Islamic countries, such as Kosovo and Albania…..can the Muslimization of Europe be avoided now? As many experts have said, there is no room for reversal of this trend. After all, only from the perspective of population continuity, Europe has completely lost. (It has grown by 17% in ten years and already accounts for 7% of the French population. The Muslimization of Europe is inevitable,

The 7% population in France has led to a civilizational war. As France ended Morocco’s dream run at the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar with a 2-0 victory in the semi-finals, riots erupted in several cities across France and Belgium.

Let us now shift focus to Bharat. Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Bangladesh were chopped off from Bharat as the Muslim population grew in those parts of Bharat. In Afghanistan no Hindu is left. In Pakistan and Bangladesh, they are being lynched, and forcefully converted every day. Government of Bharat did not implement CAA because of objections from Muslims in India and left Hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh to die a slow, painful and tortures death. (Government of Bharat has done this to Hindus since partition. During partition it did not agree for complete transfer of population. Even in 1971, Government of Bharat returned 93000 Pakistani soldiers but did not get the Bhartiya Prisoners of Wars from Pakistan).

Government has neither been able to control the influx of Bangladeshi Muslims in Bharat nor has it been able to repatriate them. As if this was not enough Judiciary allowed the influx of Rohingya Muslims into Bharat which are known to breed at the fastest pace among human beings. Bangladesh, an Islamic nation worried about the breeding of Rohingyas. Accordingly, to Home Minister Mr Asadzzaman Khan fell the unenviable task of articulating Dhaka’s growing unease over emerging demographic trends among the Rohingyas and steps that were urgently needed to be taken to ensure that matters did not get out of hand. A failure to act now could lead to a Rohingya population explosion which would cost the people of Bangladesh very heavily indeed. (New Births Of Children In Rohingya Camps Rage Controversy In Bangladesh, Interestingly these Rohingyas infiltrated Bharat after raping, lynching Hindus in most gruesome ways in Myanmar.

While in Bharat government incentivises the Muslims to increase their population.  From birth to death Muslim do not need to pay for anything for their livelihood. Their birth is financed by government, their education (both school and coaching), medicine, marriage, housing etc are paid for by the government. The fund for the same is extracted by mandirs and taxing Hindus. Government in Bharat pays Muslims, Parsis to increase their population.

To sum it up,

  1. Hindus around the world will be allowed to go through genocide but will not be given shelter in Bharat. (Not only around the world, but even in Bharat. Genocide of Hindus in J&K is celebrated and the Judiciary does not want to even hear their case)
  2. Muslims in Bharat will be incentivised to produce more and more child and will be funded on Hindus money.
  3. Muslims from around the world will be allowed to illegally enter Bharat and live and breed in Bharat at the cost of Hindus using Hindu money.

This is not all. There is more to it. Hindu population is being drastically reduced by

  1. Killing girls through Luv Jihad
  2. Killing Hindus by Sar Tan Se Juda.
  3. Bomb blasts
  4. Riots
  5. Conversion etc.

In this background when one looks at the Population Control Bill, one wonders about the real agenda behind this bill. It seems certain quarters are not happy with the speed of annihilation of Hindus. Population Control Bill will work as a catalyst towards annihilation of Hindus.

It was the government of Bharat which promoted “Hum Do Hamare Do”. Hindus were made to internalise it through wall painting, postage stamps, and what not. And now Hindus are staring at their complete annihilation. Muslims were never told about “Hum Do Hamare Do”. The walls in the Muslim locality were never painted with the slogan “Hum Do Hamare Do”. One never heard a Muslim leader or celebrity talk about “Hum Do Hamare Do”.  Muslim as well as Hindu leaders incentivised Muslims to produce more children. Now the government incentivises Muslims to produce more children.

Just look at the expectation from Population Control Bill: The State shall promote small family norms by offering incentives in taxes, employment, education etc. to its people who keep their family limited to two children and shall withdraw every concession from and deprive such incentives to those not adhering to small family norm, to keep the growing population under control.

This raises several questions.

  1. How can one even think that the government which incentivises Muslims to produce more children, refuses to implement CAA will bring a Population Control Bill for them?
  2. How the judiciary which allows illegal entry of fastest breeding Rohingyas, after they have raped and lynched Hindus in Myanmar is most gruesome way will allow the population control law to be applicable to Muslims? Will judiciary allow Muslims being denied some privileges because they have more than two kids? Will it be acceptable as per Human Rights?
  3. The government was not able to enforce the rule during Chines Virus in Islamic areas. Will the same government be able to enforce the population control law?
  4. There are no go zone areas in Bharat where neither the police nor the military can enter. Traffic police cannot enforce basic traffic rules on Muslims even in no go zone areas. Who will enforce Population Control Bill?

The questions raised above are not like rocket science. The atrocities on Hindus are increasing every day. This is happening when Hindus are supposed to be 80% of the population. Imagine what will happen when there is decline in population of Hindus. There are theories that soon Bharat will have the highest number of youth population in the world. This is half-truth. The full truth is that Bharat will have the highest number of Jihadi population in the world. Hindus will be again under Islamic rule.

It is time that Hindus called out the bluff of both the government as well as judiciary when it comes to law being equal for all.  It is a fact that Hindus are second class citizen in Bharat. The Population Control Bill is being brought in with the single agenda of accelerating the pace of annihilation of Hindus and nothing else. There are some individual Hindu leaders, celebrities, intellectuals advocating Population Control Bill who are either confused, idiots, or traitors.

The French philosopher Auguste Comte is often quoted as having said, “Demography is destiny.” There is a merit in it. More so for Hindus. The individuals, organisations, political parties if really wish well of Hindus should demand at least level playing field for Hindus. Should demand that Hindus should not be treated as second- or third-class citizens.

Hindu families need to be incentivised to have bigger family.

  1. Hindus having two kids should be exempted from income tax.
  2. Hindus with three kids should be additionally provided financial assistance by the government.
  3. Hindus with four kids should be additionally provided free education, health service by the government.
  4. Hindus with five kids should be additionally guaranteed with government jobs for all the five kids.

The Dhimmi mind will get outraged reading above four points. Advice to them, these incentives are being provide to the minority by the government of Bharat. Instead of asking the incentives to be withdrawn from minorities Hindus needs to ask for same incentives. Because no government will withdraw the incentives from minorities.

Abrahamic have openly declared war on Hindus from several centuries. Hindus need to be provided all kind of support from the government. After all the government in Bharat runs on Hindu money.

Family and rituals are important constituent in Hindu Dharma. One kid effectively kills the family as well as the rituals which will eventually lead to death of Hindu dharma. The problem of small families is being felt in Europe. According to data research, in a few decades, perhaps 60% of Europeans will have no relatives such as brothers, sisters, uncles, nephews, and nephews. (It has grown by 17% in ten years and already accounts for 7% of the French population. The Muslimization of Europe is inevitable,

As a Hindu, close your eyes and visualise a family with no brother, sister, chacha, chachi, mausa, mausi, fufa, fufi etc. Is this as a Hindu you will leave the world for your kid? Your kid all alone in the world. Will your kid forgive you for this? Your money will not be of much use to him or her. You would have educated him enough to earn for his livelihood. But he or she will not be able to generate blood relatives. That is your responsibility. Please do not score a self-goal by supporting Population Control Bill.


By Sandeep Singh

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