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PK Flirting With Ary

Updated: January 24, 2015 6:20 am

According to intelligence sources Aamir Khan’s movie PK was shown at a function associated with Pakistan-based ARY (Abdul Rehman Yakub) television channel in a bid to promote the film in Dubai. ARY is suspected to have links with terror groups as well as with the state agency in Pakistan, which is the primary sponsor of such groups on the sub-continent, the Inter Services Intelligence (ISI). Its founder A.R. Yakub was an associate of Iqbal Mirchi, who was wanted for the 1993 Mumbai blasts and was placed in the Specially Designated Terrorist list by the UN, the UK and the US despite his linkages with the Pakistan establishment.

Such association with a leading star’s film is dangerous, as it could let ARY enter India indirectly. But as far as Aamir Khan is concerned, he possibly would not be aware of ARY’s background. There is neither any between the producers of PK and ARY. An official was quoted saying that the channel “appears to have used the tax haven route to make investments in India”, principally in Hyderabad and Mumbai. Yakub is well connected, to Dr Abdul Qadeer Khan, and the Bhuttos A senior official was cited claiming that the group has “often facilitated the ISI in its global operations”.

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