Friday, February 3rd, 2023 09:49:59

Pictures tell us a lot !!

Updated: December 20, 2022 7:13 pm

See the seriousness of our Prime minister while meeting the former CM of Himachal. It looks like everything was not fine for the BJP organisation during the electioneering . As the results show, it was a very thin margin–0.92%. And Jairam Thakur must have updated the PM about what went wrong!! Why the party lost a state that was sure to win as there was no anti-establishment wave against the then BJP Govt. And it looks like our PM will surely look into the matter seriously. Why did so many candidates of BJP fought against their own party? What went wrong with them. Many of them have already expressed their unhappiness in public.

After all, for a big political party like the BJP, there must be internal analysis of what went wrong. And if there was any conspiracy of any leader, or leaders, they must be punished, as our PM always advocates that the BJP has the maximum internal democracy. The BJP’s loss of Himachal is of course a serious political loss for the party. But one hopes that some changes would be visible in the party in future course of action. After all, for a political party like the BJP, no one should be spared if one is responsible for the loss of the party in the state. Interest of the party is  always paramount rather than the self-interest of one or two leaders.

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