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Phyllanthus Niruri/Bhumi Amla

Updated: January 17, 2015 4:00 am

There are many trees, plants and herbs around us with various medicinal properties. There is hardly a tree that does not serve you. Almost 99 per cent of the trees are beneficial to us. We ignore many such herbs and trees and pull them out of the ground and throw them off, thinking them to be useless. Phyllanthus Niruri is one such plant. It is called bhumi amla or jungli amla in Hindi. It grows like weed in our gardens and most of us, ignoring its qualities, pluck it and throw it away. The whole plant is actually beneficial to us.

There are two types of this plant—red and white. The extract or powder of this plant is somewhat bitter, astringent and sweet. It has innumerable benefits which are as follows:

It cures bruises and abscess: Poultice of leaves help cure skin ulcers, sores, itching and swelling. Extract the juice of the leaves, add turmeric powder and apply on the bruises which help them heal soon. Leaves along with salt are crushed and juice is extracted and applied to treat the itchy skin infections.

Hiccups can be stopped: Just put two drops of leaf extract into the nostrils or by adding little sugar to this extract and taking this internally about two tablespoons also helps reduce hiccups.

Cures anaemia: Anaemic patients who turn pale due to lack of blood in the body can be benefitted by taking the root extract of about 10g added to half glass of cow milk one hour before meals. Gradually the blood count will raise, gives strength to the liver and purifies the blood.

Cure Children’s skin problems: Diseases like eczema and skin problems will disappear if leaves paste is applied mixed with buttermilk over the skin.

Cures urinary infections: Leaves extract taken along with cow milk about two tablespoons twice a day will reduce any kind of urinary problem.

Hepatitis B: It has the power to decrease the amount of Hepatitis B virus found in the blood.

Liver diseases: Roots are excellent medicine for liver diseases. Bhumi amla help decrease the inflammation from the lower abdomen.

Excellent remedy for jaundice: Get this plant along with the root, let it dry in the shade and make powder. Take small cardamom, fennel seeds and roast them separately. Make powder and mix them together in equal quantities and store in a bottle. Two to three grams of this powder to be taken along with water and then drink one cup of cow milk mixed with sugar. If you take this regularly within four to five days the jaundice will disappear miraculously.

Helps in contraception: This plant helps women in contraception and to avoid pregnancy.

Cures cancer and other ailments: This plant is used to remove stones in kidney in countries like Peru and Brazil. This plant is used in preparation of medicines for bronchitis, leprosy, asthma and urinary tract infection. It helps in reducing blood sugar. It can effectively get rid of the toxins caused due to insect bite. This plant keeps one cool and helps satiate thirst.

So next time when you find this herb in your garden, don’t ignore. Grow it abundantly and share its uses with your neighbour.

By Nibhanapudi Suguna

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