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Petty-Minded Politicians Put India To Shame

Updated: October 21, 2016 12:37 pm

Hungry for power, some politicians will seemingly not mind hurting country’s image even if that helps the enemy

A large number of ‘leaders’ have popped up,  who appear to be spokespersons for Pakistan, rather for the ISI. Born as Indians, they are speaking like Pakistanis, demanding proof of the surgical strike by the Special Forces.  In fact, Congress’ Sanjay Nirupam fuelled the controversy when he said the raids into PoK were “fake”. He tweeted, “Every Indian wants surgical strikes against Pakistan but not a fake one to extract just political benefit by the BJP (sic). Politics over national interest.”

How did Nirupam decide that not only the Modi government was lying but also the Indian Army was conniving in the falsehood as the Director General Military Operations gave details of the covert operation?

What could one call such a person? He ignored everything that the European Union backed the surgical strike, Russian Ambassador said attackers in Uri came from Pakistan and Germany said surgical strike was the right thing to do. Both USA and UK did not ask for any proof. Even China, the biggest supporter of Pakistan, did not make any comment on the issue.

What then we call Nirupam — deshdrohi, a 2016 model of Jaichand.  Well, India has had a number of Jaichands cropping up from time to time. The original one, in avenging Prithviraj Chauhan over a personal grudge, helped a foreign invader to ‘conquer’ a part of the country. The Independence lost, the flood-gates opened for several foreign invaders which ended up with the Mughals and then the British ruled over us.

The Jajchands of today, however, cannot damage India like the original one. For the crop of Jaichands presently has some or the other sword hanging over their heads. Sooner than later nemesis will catch up with them.

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s psychopathic hatred for Modi is well-known. So, he seemed to have stepped into the minefield with a statement which was given a congratulatory veneer but it needed to be scratched to understand what he really sought was proof of the commando action.

Both Congress and Aam Aadmi Party were quick to say they were not questioning the fact that Army commandos had carried out the raids, but did ask for proof so that the “world” would know Pakistan and not India was lying.

Congress spokesperson Randeep Surjewala gave away the real reason for the panic in the opposition camp when his remarks suggested that the BJP was using the strikes for political gain. Surjewala’s claims that during Manmohan Singh’s tenure three such strikes were carried out on September 1, 2011, July 28, 2013, and January 14, 2014. But, Surjewala said that “in its maturity, wisdom, and in the interest of national security”, the Congress government had “avoided making loud claims for the effective responses and actions of the Indian Army…”

The Congress statement was seen by some as an attempt to counter the BJP’s projection of Narendra Modi as a strong Prime Minister by linking his leadership to the cross-LoC raids. This will upset the whole plan of the opposition to weaken Modi and defame him by proving that he is a liar.

Rumours also persist that Kejriwal is very popular in Pakistan and an Afghani paper reportedly carried a news which alleged that some funds were transferred to his NGO. But we could not verify the veracity of these reports. The only thing common between Kejriwal and Pakistan is that both hate Modi.

  1. Chidambaram, whose son is being investigated for some very serious offences, is claiming that cross-border pre-emptive military actions took place during the UPA regime also, said there will be public demands for releasing the video footage of the recent surgical strikes carried across the Line of Control (LoC), as the Narendra Modi government has taken political ownership of the military action.

Talking to a news channel, Chidambaram said that unlike the Congress-led United Progressive Alliance government, the Narendra Modi government has deliberately taken political ownership of military action. “Such cross-border pre-emptive actions have taken place in the past. At least one such strike has been confirmed by then Chief of Army staff Gen. Bikram Singh in January 2013. There have been others, but I don’t want to get into details,”  said Chidambaram.

“Having taken political ownership for the cross-border action and having publicised it so much, it is only to be expected that people will demand that the video be released. So I am sure the government has thought through about the consequences of taking the political ownership for a purely military action.

“And having thought through the consequences, let the government respond to the demand for releasing videos,” said the former Union Home Minister. This demand by a former home minister is mind-boggling.

People are more nationalists than such political leaders whose future is linked with how long Modi lasts. Panic has gripped them they know their political future is finito if Modi lasts longer.

How mad these leaders are that they want the video of a covert operation public, which means Pakistan will be ready to massacre our soldiers.

Do such thoughts disturb these leaders? Obviously not, for them self is before the country.

Not surprisingly, Rahul Gandhi surpassed every other opposition leader in criticising (in his case the appropriate is abusing) Modi for Kashmir action.  On return from his Khat meetings in Uttar Pradesh to Delhi, he spoke for about 12 minutes in which he talked about nothing else but Modi. And talked like a man who has lost his sanity.

Possibly, upset at the failure of his loyalist Nirupam’s jibe that the surgical strikes were fake, demands by Kejriwal for proof falling flat after the The Indian Express story and CNN-IBN sting operation, Rahul decided to  speak on the issue, but he utterly failed to grab attention of the people.

He accused Modi of khoon ki dalali. This is flawed on many counts. Rahul dragged the security forces at the centre of a political turf at a time when the country is staring at an undeclared war with Pakistan. His rant, believed to scripted by a film-dialogue writer –who possibly gave the slogan maut ka saudagar to Sonia Gandhi — is seem to be directed against the country’s most powerful leader — the Prime Minister who has been showing exemplary fortitude and equanimity against all odds.

What did he mean when he accused Modi of hiding behind the blood of soldiers and doing dalali on their sacrifices? He must have been very mentally disturbed to be able to cross his own high-level of maniacal outbursts. It is time to ignore him, for possibly he himself most of the time does not know what he is talking about.

Reflecting on the behaviour of the opposition, a leader in the Times of India wrote: Surgical strike showed  that political class is incapable of mature strategic conversation. The leaders whom are blabbering for public screening of the covert operation must realise that this a military operation where lives are involved. Any escalation will mean risk for villagers living along the border.

The Indian Express report of how bodies were loaded in trucks in the PoK villages where Indian special forces had struck and the statement of SP Mirpur admitting deaths of five Pak soldiers in his area during a sting operation by CNN-IBN, should satisfy the self- appointed Knights in ‘stained’ armours trying to project themselves as conscience keepers of the nation. As it is they fool nobody. It is high time  that tu tu main me should stop.

by Vijay Dutt

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