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Path to Success

Updated: June 14, 2014 3:49 pm

Career building is the most important priority of a human being. Everyone wants to have a successful career. But we all get stuck when it comes to initiate building our career. How do you succeed in creating a fast-tracked career? How do you make it an enjoyable journey? The moment we start thinking, questions like these hit your minds. But what if you see your career as a game and imagine yourself as its star player. If you see your career as a game, then chances of writing a success story will be high. Rules of the Game empowers you to have an enjoyable career journey without trudging through life-fearing change, failures, politics and uncertainty.

Against this backdrop, this book advocates the key is to manage your career as if it were a game. You start with some rules of this game and as you learn and excel, you will discover new rules and invent other rules to differentiate yourself. Rules of the Game help you take control of your career by being aware and continuously prepared for changes and opportunities. Once you realise that career management is a game, you have to go about accustoming yourself to the rules of that game.

Rules of the game

By Sumit D Chowdhury


Price : `399

Pages : 266

The author of the book Sumit D Chowdhury is a multi-faceted business and technical leader, having worked in leadership roles in Reliance Industries, IBM, Reliance ADAG, BearingPoint and KPMG in US, Australia and India. An MS and PhD in Management from Carnegie Mellon and BTech from IIT Kanpur, he brings a wealth of practical experience from his personal life and career.

This book is not a success mantra. It is aimed at getting you to contemplate. It is meant to create an awareness about yourself that will help you discover those particular nuances that could help shape your life. It is designed to give you a head start in your professional life by helping you understand how to orchestrate your own path. The idea that animates The Rules of the Game is one that goes to the heart of personal passion and leadership. The book documents insights from both extremely successful people who are actively pursuing their life’s work and from those, who are still finding the ‘what or why’s’ of their life.

The book is divided into ten chapters, each giving a vital rule for the success. The book communicates some simple concepts that will help formulate your ‘own’ rules of the game of career management. The concepts discussed in the book are the experiences of the writer and that of certain successful professionals. Each chapter addresses a particular issue and the need to manage it. The book also helps you transform your thinking to become personally responsible for your career; take control over your actions, reactions and thinking processes in each and every interaction in life; craft a deliberately impactful career instead of wandering and being accidentally impactful; develop teamwork, network and leadership skills effortlessly; improve your empathy, etiquette and communication skills; achieve long-term goals through short-term milestones.

Overall, the book is a motivation for the young lads who are about to start a career and for those who want to be a successful person. It encourages you to search inside yourself and answer some difficult questions about what you truly want and why.

By Rohan Pal


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