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Patel The Performer

By Deepak Kumar Rath
Updated: March 7, 2022 10:31 am

It cannot be gainsaid that the state of Gujarat has made a giant stride on the front of development in the last few decades. Naturally, this progress cannot be achieved without the hard work of the people of the state, but it is equally true that it cannot be done without the right leadership. Against this backdrop, it can be aptly said that it is the good fortune of Gujarat that it has got a true CM, i.e. Common Man in the form of Bhupendra Patel. The working style of the Bhupendra Patel government, keeping in mind the sensitivity of public service, with simple and gentle nature has gone down in the heart of the people of Gujarat. Today, agriculture, industry and services, in all the three sectors Gujarat is marching on the path of development remarkably. Bhupendra Patel is running the show with a balanced strategy of good governance and accommodating all in the changing sweet-and-sour situations. There was a discussion amongst the political pundits, when he took the reins of chief ministership, that he would be under the remote control of senior bureaucrats and senior leaders. But in any situation, his political vision is reflected in the well-oiled machinery of administration for good governance.

People of Gujarat are very much concerned about the “pride of Gujarat”. So, when Bhupendra Patel assumed power in Gujarat, they were more concerned about the face, who could save and preserve Gujarati asmita. But in his tenure of six months, after Keshubhai Patel and Narendra Modi, Bhupendra Patel could preserve and permeate the Gujarati asmita inside and outside the state. In fact, he has proved that as the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Narendra Modi had laid the foundation for laying the state on the path of development, he is further taking the state to new heights. India is recognised all over the world for the software industry and talent. What is famous about Gujarat is that they are good businessmen. They have spread their business intelligence all over the world. But the role of the software industry in Gujarat’s identity has been minimal. Since Bhupendra Patel is a professional engineer, his engineering background has the effect that he is preparing to install software industry in the new scheme of Gujarat. It is his thinking that preparations are being made to propel the software industry in Gujarat with an aim of achieving IT exports eight-fold to Rs 25 thousand crore in next five years so as to establish Gujarat as a major player among top five major centres of the country. Bhupendra Patel’s plan is to establish the state as a major exporter of software. Having said this, it can be aptly summed up that elections are to be held in Gujarat by the end of this year. The real challenge of Bhupendra Patel will be to get the party’s victory in this election. Only then will his leadership be tested. Now it remains to be seen how big a victory he will be able to achieve with the help of his good governance, his plans and his policies.


By Deepak Kumar Rath


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