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Passionate Painter

Updated: April 10, 2010 11:18 am

An artist should have the unpretentious interest in humanity. Even if one is not working, one should analyse people and observe the surroundings. This is the refrain Shuchi Khanna, 41, firmly believes in. She is among those painters who do not limit themselves to canvas to spread their art. So it is no surprise that her being a visual art, which is connected with the power of imagination, ideal and energy and finds expression through colours, her brush can strike anywhere. Shuchi has used surfaces of ceramic, cement walls, clay pots, wood, and doors to express her visions.

            Besides being an artist, she has various other responsibilities too—as a daughter, wife, mother and teacher (she heads the Department of Fine Arts at a prestigious school in New Delhi)—but she manages everything quite efficiently. She has bagged plenty of awards for her art.

            Shuchi’s paintings depict the experiences of her soulful journey of life. “Like any other artist I too have gone through both good and bad phases in my life, when I had avowed to prove myself to the family,” pointed out Shuchi in a talk with Uday India. And prove she did and that too with a bang. “My journey of performing so many facets in life inspires me to move forward in life and those experiences overflow onto the canvas, their true essence recalled and reflected in flashes of paints and colours,” she said. Clear, strong, bright colours and bold strokes grant Shuchi’s paintings intelligence, maturity and a quality that directs the spectator towards a curiosity to look at her paintings and flow with her art.

            At home Shuchi is just opposite to what she is in her teacher avatar at school. She is like any other chilled-out wife and mother who let his child live his dreams. “But when I feel low I visit an exhibition, which re-ignites the fire in me,” she confided.

            Her paintings also reflect her concern for women, which can easily be gauged in her professional as well as in her personal life, as she is associated with the organisation, named “Sudhinale”, which raises issues concerning women’s plight. “I have made it the aim of my life to work for the uplift of women. It is a harsh reality that women have been ill-treated in every society for ages. It is an irony that in our country where women are worshipped as Goddess, they are subjected to inhuman atrocities in all strata of society. She is being looked down as commodity or as a slave. She is not only robbed of her dignity and pride outside her house, but she also faces ill-treatment and other atrocities within the four walls of her house. “Women are deprived of economic resources and are dependent on men for their living. Women’s works are often confined to domestic sphere. Although she has to do all the household works, they are not recognised and accounted for,” said disturbed Suchi, shaken with women’s predicament.

            On the issue of exhibition as a medium of selling art, Shuchi said, “Until one takes one’s art outside, how will people recognise one’s work?” She has conducted several workshops, participated in camps with many prominent artists, held several solo exhibitions and various group shows. Her next move is her exhibition in Mumbai.

By Vaishali Tanwar

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