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Party Of Individuals

Updated: May 26, 2012 4:41 pm

“We have set out to integrate and not to bring about disintegration. We are determined to so conduct ourselves that our work of organisation will go on smoothly. We, no doubt, have occasional tiffs but manage to settle them with goodwill and understanding. Petty things do not hurt us when the interest of the organisation is uppermost in our minds. We are here to reorganise the entire people; we have to extend the concept of corporate living to the entire society. It is a great work involving tremendous effort and responsibility. Hence whatever the situation, we have decided never to allow prejudices and mutual ill-will to harm the work of Sanghatan (organisation).” This was the last message of second Sarsanghchalak of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS), MS Golwalkar in an address to Members of Akhil Bharat Pratinidhi Sabha (All India General Council), Nagpur, March 1973. MS Golwalkar, who was popularly known as Guruji among the RSS Swayamsevaks, was of the view that the Sangh was not individual oriented, but ideal oriented. The reason why I am quoting Guruji here is just to remind the leaders and workers of BJP, who are mostly infused with the idealism of Hindutva, that they should refrain from crab culture, as is seen now vividly in the entire organisation, almost in every state. It seems as if its leadership is taking everything for granted from the party grassroots-level workers. Unlike the Indian National Congress, the BJP is formed of dedicated workers, which is its strength, and its ultimate aim is: Worship the Nation, Worship the Ideal. The dedicated party workers are trained to serve and bring together the outlines of the philosophy and history of Indian culture as well as the technique of nation-making. Going through the recent series of events and issues that our nation is facing today, and how the party’s top leadership has reacted to it, one cannot deny the fact that the party’s moorings are anchored in nationalism. But the conflicts within the party have been widely exposed in the media and other platforms for petty power game, which have ultimately reflected a dirty image before the nation. The principal opposition party of India, the BJP, has failed to play a responsible role in both Houses of Parliament on different issues, and has sent out a confused message to its cadres. Sometimes, one feels as if the principal opposition party has surrendered before the Congress-led UPA government on issues ranging from multi-crore scams to passing many bills that go against BJP’s and the nation’s interests.

BJP chief Nitin Gadkari has now successfully adjusted himself within the party to take the flag ahead, and has adapted himself to the Delhi culture to sustain himself and face the wrath of so-called vanguards. Gadkari has very successfully formed his own core national team of youngsters, chosen from loyal soldiers of Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad, some of whom have also been nominated for the Upper House. Though Gadkari’s average performance in the party in last three years leaves nothing much to celebrate, his renewal as party president is almost certain, looking at the present party leadership and circumstances. The National Executive, to be held in Mumbai on May 24-25, would discuss at length the party’s future courses of action for Presidential election, forthcoming assembly elections and party’s next chief. Despite praising Narendra Modi many times, Gadkari’s differences with him are wide open. Recently, Vasundhara Raje, Opposition Leader of Rajasthan, openly fired the BJP’s central leadership and challenged party’s constitution by threatening to quit the party’s primary membership in her rivalry with another contender for the post of Chief Ministership, Mr Gulab Chand Kataria, former Home Minister, Rajasthan, who wanted to take out his annual yatra in Mewad region. Vasundhara Raje as a Chief Minister did many developmental works and is also the tallest leader of the party in Rajasthan, but she has literally made a mockery of the party, senior party leaders and RSS leaders many times, and has openly defied party decisions. Her recent political drama was the height of indiscipline, which has proved that she is indispensable to the party as the central leadership failed to groom any leader of her stature. Vasundhara took advantage of the situation and ignored almost all the state leaders, including that of RSS, and formed her own coterie. The most bizarre thing is that she hires and fires party cadres and leaders on her own terms. The BJP has now become more individual centric than following party’s idealism, which is contrary to the Guruji Golwalkar’s wishes. Starting from LK Advani to state level leaders, the party’s top leadership should set a clean picture of the party and should clear party’s stand on different issues in one single voice. The BJP should not test the endurance of its loyal nationalist cadres who are dedicated to the cause of the party and nation, and it should strive mightly to play the role of a responsible opposition, so that people can repose their faith in it in the coming elections.

Deepak Kumar Rath

Deepak Kumar Rath

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