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Parties In Combat Mode In Delhi

Updated: December 13, 2014 8:45 am

Intrigues, behind the door parleys and snooping of the rivals have blended to create an environment of uncertainty in India’s capital. Although dates for the Delhi Assembly elections have not been announced as yet, all parties are preparing for a fight, the outcome of which would decide the future of Arvind Kejriwal and his Aam Aadmi Party (AAP). It is a do or die time for him. A score of AAP senior members, including the Speaker, founder members and national executive members have quit to join BJP. Such departures are bad omens for Kejriwal. He would find it difficult to get good replacements of members who left recently. Sources say that he cannot trust anyone. And his advisers are nervous about his own success from the New Delhi constituency. He was a hero, a knight in shining armour who was expected to drive away all the corrupt and rescue people from the stranglehold of the corrupt. Now he is a failed administrator, a frustrated leader who could not hold his own flock.

His party men crib as to why he had to announce that he would fight from New Delhi constituency. Congress is putting up Ajay Maken against Kejriwal. Maken has the stature, stamina and political sagacity to keep one step ahead of Kejriwal. AAP MLA Vinod Kumar Binny, the first to rebel against his party leaders, especially, Kejriwal will also challenge his former member and a close ally. BJP would back him. Binny has declared that he would open a Pandora’s box full of revelations against Kejriwal. Sources said he is confident that he would bury political career of Kejriwal in the forthcoming contest. The problem is that unlike last year when Kejriwal was considered to believe in probity in public life and to have a clean background, today he is a much criticised person. A spate of articles questioning his alleged links appeared. So he would be contesting with many odds against him. If he loses, there is little doubt that his quest for power would be buried for quite sometime. His party men, all senior one’s, seemingly think that AAP’s days are numbered, otherwise they would not have turned Gaya Rams and fled to join BJP. In recent weeks, over 10 members, including founders, members of the national executive, Speaker and a couple of members with influence in several constituencies, have crossed over to BJP.

The number of Gaya Rams is predicted to be huge once elections are announced. If the Delhi Assembly polls turn-out to toll the bell for Kejriwal, they are crucial for the BJP too. It would be a fight for prestige. And although desertions are taking place in alarming numbers from AAP and some from Congress swelling the ranks of the BJP odds in elections can change overnight. So the party is leaving nothing to chance.

A Master Plan is said to being prepared under the directions of Amit Shah, who himself would supervise, once J&K elections are over by December 21.

The Congress is making all sorts of noises but it is not expected to perform some miracle. The Delhi election too could just be another declaration that its in comatose state.

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