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Pakistan’s ploy behind Kartarpur corridor

Updated: December 14, 2018 12:11 pm

Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan was a famous cricketer. So, he takes diplomacy as cricket field and throws ‘googly’. This time he dropped a googly in Kartarpur corridor. Imran, who was called a Talibani, suddenly became peacemaker and got ready for Kartarpur corridor. But analysts believe that without resolving the main concern between the two nations, if any initiative is taken for show-off , it would end in 1999 Lahore bus service like consequence, when Kargil war happened. Therefore, political analysts fear of the same consequence with Kartarpur corridor. On one hand Imran Khan supports terrorists, and on the other hand, he talks of peace. How is it possible?

Recently, Imran Khan laid the foundation stone of the much-awaited corridor linking Gurdwara Durbar Sahib in Kartarpur of Pakistan to Dera Baba Nanak Gurudwara in Gurdaspur district of Punjab, India. In Kartarpur, Guru Nanak Dev Ji, the founder of Sikhism, took his last breath. Now India and Pakistan have decided to build a separate corridor to reach Kartarpur. The corridor is expected to be ready within six months. As a result, people of the Sikh community can meet each other without any interference and visit Gurudwara. The same happened in Germany too. One day, the wall that separated West Berlin and East Berlin was broken. If someone else said this, then perhaps it would not have been so much a subject to discuss, but Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself compared it to the fall of the Berlin Wall. Pakistan is trying to prove that the corridor initiative was first taken by it, but it is not correct. India had given the proposal of this corridor to Pakistan about twenty years ago, when Atal Bihari was Prime Minister.

Now coming to the Indo-Pak dialogue, India has firmly decided that until Pakistan stops exporting terrorism, it will not go for any dialogue with Pakistan, but this matter was religious, so India had to cooperate. External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj did not go herself at the opening ceremony, but the Indian government sent Union Ministers Harsimrat Kaur Badal and Hardeep Singh Puri to attend the ground-breaking ceremony. On this occasion, Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan gave a speech saying that there have been mistakes by both India and Pakistan.

Kartarpur Sahib corridor’s initiative is less of Imran Khan and more of the Pakistan army. It was indicated by the Chief of Army Staff

General Bajwa himself, when he met Siddhu at Imran Khan’s swearing-in ceremony. This means that the idea of opening the corridor didn’t come from the side of the Pakistani government but from the side of the army there. That’s why Pakistani army chief was present at the launch of the corridor. Many political analysts believe that Imran has no ability to take any new initiatives.

Pakistan’s sudden interest in Punjab is suspected. There are many objectives behind opening the corridor. The first objective is that terrorism in Jammu and Kashmir is gradually decreasing, so Pakistan is desperate to revive terrorism in Punjab. Punjab CM Captain Amarinder Singh’s statement accusing Pakistan’s hand behind the blast in Amritsar was pointing towards this. The opening of the corridor will lure radical youths easily. Since this corridor has religious significance and this will benefit the Sikh community, no government will take the risk of disrupting it. That is, Pakistan has played religious cards for its own benefit. After opening of the corridor, security agencies are fearing that this route might be misused. In fact, Pakistan still has a lot of supporters of Khalistan and they have always got support of Pakistani intelligence agency ISI. There is a fear that using this corridor, Khalistan supporters can provoke the youth of Punjab to insurgency. Not only this, this route can also be used for trafficking drugs. Pakistan will not consider Indian security concerns, its responsibility will remain on Indian security agencies.

It is also a fact that Pakistan wants to change its image among the Sikh community. Punjab has been living in peace since the eighties after the end of Khalistani terrorism and new recruitments are difficult in the name of Khalistan, but the heart of people could be won by this step. Pakistan hopes to win the trust of Indian Sikh youths, whom they want to recruit in terrorist groups.

It is quite clear that Pakistan has its hidden agenda behind Kartarpur. The Government of Pakistan is planning to organise Kartarpur Sahib Conference-2019 in Pakistan on the occasion of 550th birth anniversary of Guru Nanak Dev. During the conference voting registration plan for the referendum 2020 is being made. Here it is important to mention that Gopal Chawla, a Khalistani terrorist, who is considered to be close to terrorist Hafiz Saeed was seen along with Pakistani army chief Gen Kamar Bajwa on the foundation stone laying of Kartarpur corridor. During the programme, he was also seen shaking hands with Bajwa. On November 21- 22, Chawla’s name came out in the matter of not allowing the Indian High Commission officials to enter the gurdwara. It is also a fact that India did not have any choice but to agree on Kartarpur corridor. Now India will have to be more conscious because a permanent corridor has been allocated for terror. Sometimes it seems that Pakistan has taken advantages of religious compulsions and played a big game.

After the Kartarpur corridor, it is expected that relation between India and Pakistan would improve. But in the meantime, India gave a tremendous blow to the Pakistan government. Pakistan had invited Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend the SAARC Summit but the Government of India rejected Pakistan’s offer and denied its participation in Pakistan.

The invitation for the corridor’s foundation stone was also sent to Punjab Chief Minister Capt. Amarinder Singh by Pakistani side, but he did not accept it because a few days ago, Pakistani hand was found in a terrorist attack in Punjab. But Punjab Minister Navjot Singh Siddhu attended the programme. The question was raised when Captain Amarinder Singh had asked Navjot Singh Siddhu to reconsider his decision to go to Pakistan, despite this why did he go there? Political analysts feel that since Siddhu attended Imran’s swearing-in ceremony a few days ago, where Pakistan’s army chief Bajwa not only embraced him but also told him that he is considering the plan to make Kartarpur Sahib corridor. And since then, he perhaps started feeling that he led the Kartarpur corridor’s plan.

Siddhu may take credit for Kartarpur corridor but it is in fact the product of the devil’s mind of the Pakistani army. Pakistan’s second major achievement was that due to this corridor, 10th anniversary of 26/11 Mumbai terror attack in 2008 was forgotten. The mastermind of Mumbai attack, Hafiz Saeed is still roaming free in Pakistan. But neither did Imran Khan say anything about 26/11, nor did Indian Ministers, who were visiting Pakistan, mention it there.

Siddhu might become popular in Pakistan but in Punjab Congress, anger against him is flourishing. Three Punjab ministers have demanded the resignation of Navjot Singh Siddhu from the Cabinet for comment against Chief Minister Amarinder Singh. This issue is likely to be raised in the state cabinet meeting. This whole controversy erupted when he went to Pakistan to attend the ground breaking ceremony of Kartarpur corridor. Siddhu had said, “Rahul Gandhi is my captain and he only sent me to Pakistan. Rahul Gandhi is also the Captain of Captain Amarinder Singh.” On this Sidhu’s statement, the ministers of Punjab have said that if Siddhu does not consider CM Amarinder Singh to be his Captain, then he should leave the Chief Minister’s team.

By Uday India Bureau    

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