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Oxygen Expresses deliver more than 2511 MT LMO in 161 tankers to different states

Updated: May 7, 2021 5:10 pm
100th 12000 HP WAG 12 B has been inducted in Indian Railways fleet. The loco is named WAG 12 B with number 60100. The locomotive is manufactured by Madhepura Electric Locomotive Pvt. Ltd. (MELPL).

These locomotives are state of the art IGBT based, 3 phase drive and 12000 horse power electric locomotive. These high horse power locomotives will help to decongest the saturated tracks by improving average speed and loading capacity of freight trains.

This locomotive is capable of maximum tractive effort of 706 kN, which is capable of starting and running a 6000 T train in the gradient of 1 in 150. The locomotive with twin Bo-Bo design having 22.5 T (Tonnes) axle load is upgradable to 25 Tonnes with design speed of 120 kmph.

These superior electric locomotives built under the ‘Make-in-India’ initiative, are playing a key role in revolutionizing the freight movement in the country. It will help to decongest the saturated tracks by allowing faster, safer and heavier freight trains to move across the country, as well as improve the loading capacity. So far, these e-Locos have traversed across all Railway divisions and are performing well. We look forward to more such delivery milestones.”

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