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Outrage in Blinkers  over Hindu Issues

By Ravi Mishra
Updated: June 28, 2020 2:06 pm

Recently, we saw huge protests in the US, when George Floyd, a 46-year-old man belonging to Black community, died during police arrest. It cannot be gainsaid that racism does not exist in the world. Discrimination is in human nature and this type of ill mindset can only be eliminated through knowledge and awareness. In India, there is no such discrimination based on someone’s colour of skin. Some people argue that India has caste based discrimination, which is false, as here is discrimination based on one’s economic situation. And this is everywhere. However, there are questions that have emerged from these protests: Why only Black life matters? Why Hindu’s life does not matter? This question is for those who believe in selective activism and outrage. In India, we saw outrage after the killing of  George Floyd. However, we didn’t see any outrage when two Sadhus were recently lynched in Palghar, Maharashtra. We didn’t see any outrage when Ajay Pandita, a Kashmiri Pandit sarpanch, was murdered by Islamic terrorists in Kashmir. We didn’t see the same outrage when lakhs of Kashmiri Hindus were forcibly thrown out of their homes by Islamic terrorists. The fact is that these people, who are known for selective outrage, maintain studied silence if anything is related to Hindu community weather it is the killing of RSS workers in Kerala or Hindu houses being burnt in West Bengal.

It is a fact that Hindus not only face humiliation in India, which is their original land, they are selectively treated all over the world, especially by Islamic fanatics. Recently, about 21 houses of Hindus were set ablaze in Sindh province of Pakistan, in which many innocent people including children died. Sindh in Pakistan is the only province, where Hindus are in a good number. However, they are treated as untouchable. Even they face humiliation, while performing last rites of their loved ones. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan (HRCP), which released its latest State of Human Rights 2019 report recently, underlined that over 1,000 cases of forced conversions take place in Pakistan every year. A majority of these are suffered by the Hindu community in Sindh. This data might be more revealing, as a country created on the basis of religion, in Pakistan the minorities were never given an opportunity to be equal citizens. Consequently, the number of Hindu and Sikh minorities has declined from 23 per cent in 1947 to less than 2 per cent. When Hindus and Sikhs are persecuted anywhere in the world, most of the human rights organisations and those who believe in selective outrage become a mute spectator. This is same in Bangladesh also. Since 1947, the Hindu population in Bangladesh (earlier East Pakistan) has declined from 31 per cent to less than 9 per cent. Not only in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan, Hindus are persecuted by Islamic fanaticsin African countries also.

Ram Maharaj, President of the South Africa Dharma Sabha, reveals: “Unwarranted religious attacks by Islamic fanatics on Hindus in South Africa started in the mid-1980s by one Ahmed Deedat, who was funded by the Saudis. The attitude of religious superiority and prejudice towards Hindus was carefully crafted to promote the rise of political Islam and conversion of non-believers, often called kafirs. The aim of these highly orchestrated, discriminatory and divisive onslaughts was to denigrate and destroy Hinduism by weaning converts to Islam. A fully functional office was set up in Durban and called the Islamic Propagation Centre, which produced controversial and provocative material on Christianity and Hinduism. Ahmed Deedat produced a book entitled “Oh You Hindu Awake!” containing gross distortions and concoctions regarding Hinduism. In this book, Lord Rama, Lord Shiva and the sacred Shiv Linga were inter-alia slandered in the most vile and vulgar manner. The Hindu community at large was enraged by Ahmed Deedat’s relentless attacks on Hinduism.”

“The rise of conversion began in earnest with the Saudi funding. Deedat suffered a stroke and his funeral was attended by a high-powered Saudi delegation. Millions of Saudi dollars have since funded various activities in South Africa, particularly in religious conversion. Deedat was the teacher of India’s controversial and Hindu phobic preacher called Zakir Naik, who is hiding in Malaysia,” he added.

The fact is that the Hindu community will have to be assertive to defend itself from the forces that are deliberately persecuting Hindus. Most of the international organisations that came into existence to raise the sufferings of the people and the community are biased. They work on the agenda set by those people who are involved in these unethical works.


By Ravi Mishra

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