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“Our Motto Is To Expose Those Involved In Corruption” —JP Nadda, General Secretary, BJP

Updated: April 9, 2011 11:57 am


Having a penchant for hard work and diligence, Mr Jagat Prakash Nadda, general secretary, BJP, is a committed worker of the party. Conferred with the award of Best Parliamentarian, 1993, Mr Nadda is now MLA from Bilaspur constituency in Himachal Pradesh. In an interview to Uday India Correspondent Ravi Shankar, Mr Nadda talked about various issues concerning his party. Excerpts:

The BJP has raised the issue of corruption with its fullest strength. But recently the government has agreed to form JPC. The government has made a declaration on CVC issue too. Do you think this is the end of the BJP’s fight against corruption?

No, I don’t think so. Actually this success has encouraged the party’s moral and has also justified our stand. We are now more aggressive on the issue of corruption and BJP will take this issue to a decisive point. Our main motto is to expose those involved in corruption. Formation of JPC and declaration on CVC issue are the milestones of this journey, and the main fight begins now. More and more skeletons of corruption are tumbling out of the UPA government’s cupboard. Now we have decided to take this issue to the public. The BJP will lead a Jan Jagaran movement from April 6 to June 15, in which public meetings will be held at 600 places across the country.

Will corruption be the only issue of that movement?

It has been decided that we will raise three issues. First, black money, we will tell the public the truth about black money and how UPA government is showing its reluctance to initiate a move to bring it back. Second issue is corruption, and third inflation. On the issue of inflation, the BJP believes that it is not due to any global trend, instead it is the main outcome of the corrupt governance and the nexus between the politicians, bureaucrats and stockists. There is no shortage of anything but there is a bad management, and the people belonging to this nexus make money from this bad management. Lakhs of tonnes of foodgrains are rotting in government godowns, these are not distributed to the poor people. Instead foodgrains, having been rotten, were given to the wine industry at cheap rates.

Do you think these issues will benefit the party? In the last general elections, inflation was the main issue and people were also suffering from it, but the BJP failed to utilise it.

I don’t think that we failed to raise this issue. The main role of a political party is to raise the issues and aware the people about them. It is not necessary that people could understand the issues at that time. It takes time to percolate any issue. For, the population of our country is more than one billion and these people are divided in different groups and follow different faiths and beliefs. Another thing is we have to substantiate the issue. See, we raised the issues of black money and inflation during the election. Now the proofs are surfacing. Several reports and news have corroborated our stand. We are satisfied that we have done our duty by raising the issues of public interest.

Whenever BJP raises the issue of corruption and black money, the Congress starts to raise the issue of saffron terrorism. Do you think this puts the BJP on back foot?

This is completely wrong. This is an age-old strategy of the Congress and the Congress had suffered for it too. But it has not learnt any lesson. After the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi, the Congress had tried to blame RSS for it and also banned it. But RSS was proved innocent and it emerged stronger from that tough period. Similarly, during the Emergency, again RSS was banned but it again emerged stronger from that situation. Once again the Congress is working on a strategy to defame RSS, but it is certain that it will boomerang on the Congress, damaging severely its image. RSS will be proved innocent.

How do you react to the emergence of Baba Ramdev as a political power?

Baba Ramdev has made tremendous efforts for the development of Indian culture and traditions. The BJP has great regards for him. People of this country also hold him in high esteem. Whatever Baba Ramdev is planning for the political system according to the Indian traditions, the BJP is already working on that. The BJP has no differences with Baba Ramdev on any issue. I am confident that whatever step Baba Ramdev takes, he will take care of the interest of the BJP too.

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