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Our Elusive Godfather

Updated: January 24, 2015 5:00 am

There exists some power with a very powerful think tank that has created this universe on scientific lines and now running the show on permanent basis. Theists call this power as God and atheists call it Nature

Existence and visibility of God has always been as elusive as God particle in physics. With the advent of scientific education, perception about God has been changing with time and generations in all countries and religious faiths. Now the universal belief among the educated class is: “There is one and only one God who takes care of the entire sustaining process of the universe or Nature. There cannot be separate Gods for Hindus, Muslims, Christians or Buddhists. He is Omnipresent, Omniscient, All Powerful and All Pervading. He is the creator of the entire universe.”

Humans have made miraculous discoveries and inventions through research institutes after 16th century. But strangely, there has not been an organized or concerted effort to research God. There have been great saints/hermits who devoted their entire lives in meditation. Even they could not provide any satisfactory clue about the existence, form and abode of God. We humans address and worship Him as our Revered Father (Param Pita Parmatma) and benefactor knowing that he has been invisible right from the day the humans came into existence. Young generation of today doubts very much that universe was created by Lord Brahma (Prajapati) in one go. They also do not believe other episodes like Gandhari could be the mother of 101 sons or Sati Anasuya could engulf the Sun. Likewise westerners do not buy the Adam and Eve story for human progenation.

Let us analyse the issue in rational terms. Every object has its creator. Universe too has its creator in the form of God. But every object is finite in its mass and size while the universe is not. It consists of unknown number of stars and planets moving aimlessly along distinct paths within the space which has unending dimensions. It is not physically possible for any object / entity to have unending dimensions but space has. Now, what about the persona of its creator i.e the God. It goes to show that He is also infinite in every respect.

Then comes the question of unbelievable strangeness in the composition and existence of celestial bodies. Sun is just one star in the Universe with a diametre of 864,000 miles and consists of Hydrogen gas constantly converting itself into Helium gas through the process of nuclear fusion. The fusion process generates energy in different wavelengths to reach us in the form of heat and light. It is not known where this newly formed Helium gas goes away. Likewise, the nine planets revolve round the Sun with varying and unbelievably high speeds at very far off orbits. Nobody can guess how long this process will continue as the sun is not shrinking in its size. Astronomers predict that the sun being a star will become dwarf one day Earth moves with a speed of 18.5 miles/sec to complete one revolution round the Sun in 365 days and 5.75 hours at an orbital distance is 93 million miles. Even the composition and formation of Earth looks to be very strange. It is a round body with a diameter of 8000 miles, mostly consisting of hard rocks with 70 per cent surface covered with sea of highly brackish water (30 grams/Kg) and with a canopy of air creating an atmospheric pressure of 10.2 metre of water column and revolves round its axis and the Sun simultaneously. Further the process of its formation with vast seas covering 70 per cent of the surface area is unimaginable even to a geological mind. The Moon is also strategically positioned to provide moonlight and remove the darkness at night on the earth. Its motion is all the more complex as it orbits around the earth and the sun at a time. How our fore fathers could calculate the motion of planets precisely when there were no telescopes is also a big mystery. All these planetary motions are in prefect synchronisation and have been precisely designed according to set mathematical formulae by someone (read superpower or God) and we can predict their periodic motion at any time.   More strangely, the earth is the only known planet in the universe to support the life system and other stars and planets appear to have no function at all and exist without any reason. Looking at these strange facts, we sometimes feel as if we are living in an unreal world or seeing a dream in a sound sleep.

Even science cannot provide satisfactory answers to all such unbelievable facts. Scientists postulate the Big Bang Theory to explain the formation of universe. It says that an energy egg bursted 14 billion years ago and the energy so released converted itself in different forms over the years and finally took the shape of the universe that we see today. This argument is indigestible as there is tremendous application of mind in the design, composition and formation of every object in the Universe. Look at the human body. How intricately it is designed and formed and every part of it works in perfect synergy. Likewise all the living and non- living objects on the Earth have a distinct and wonderful symbiotic and recycling relationship with one another. Energy alone cannot design the composition and symbiotic relationship among various species of the Nature. For example energy cannot think that a cow should be created to provide milk to human beings. It is the thought process of a very great mind. So there exists some power with a very powerful think tank that has created this universe on scientific lines and now running the show on permanent basis. Theists call this power as God and atheists call it Nature.

The next question agitating the minds of the people is about the form, abode and visibility of God and His relationship with His creations particularly the human beings. People have foggy ideas or notions about these issues and have no definite answers. Bhagavad Gita (a compendium of all religious texts including four Vedas) explains that “God is not only the creator of the universe but also its sustainer from time immemorial. His abode is called the Param Dham. He is Timeles, Formless and All-powerful. He describes in details the two routes (Bhakti yoga and Karma yoga) to reach Him and attain the Moksha”. Bhagavad Gita also talks about transmigration of souls. Theoretically, this phenomena is not possible. But many people tell about their preceding births and this fact has to be accepted. Bhagat Singh and his colleagues fought against Britishers on the same principle as Arjun against Kauravas. Arjun survived with the help of Lord Krishna while Bhagat Singh and his friends were more or less crucified like Christ. We do not know if they attained Moksha or not. But they are remembered even 71 years after their deaths. The problem is that those who lead their lives strictly (for example a poor and young widow or a sadhvi) according to the rules detailed in Bhagavad Gita do not come back on Earth to tell us that they could have a vision of God and attain Moksha. This way we will continue to search or research about the total personality of God indefinitely. Will He be ever visible to anybody in his true persona is not known. However, there have been strange manifestations of His power sporadically from time to time. For example there was a report in the Tribune in Jan 1964 that a man was about to kill a boy when suddenly a snake appeared and the boy was saved. We accept Lord Krishna and Lord Rama as incarnations of God but also inclined to treat extra ordinary human beings like Gautam Budhha or Mahatma Gandhi or Christ the same way in modern times. But the most tearing question agitating our minds is, “Why we are so unfortunate that we cannot see our own creator or The Godfather (Param Pita Parmatma) in his true form before our eyes at least once in our life time”. This regret will continue till our death as one renowned historian said at one such occasion, “My main regret is that I could not see my creator and the crass ignorance about His mysterious ways and creations even after attaining a very high level of education”. This seems to be the predicament of many knowledgeable people with Meta physical bent of minds.

By R N Malik

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