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“Our dream is housing for all”

Updated: December 18, 2015 11:33 am


In an exclusive interview with Kumar Mayank, Dr Anil Sharma, CMD of Amrapali Group, speaks about the growth trajectory in the real estate sector. Excerpts:

What major steps have you taken in support of “Housing for all” scheme? How do you take up the issue where most middle-class Indians see home ownership as a distant dream?

I want to bring flats for the common people with least profit and at an affordable price. No one provides flats cheaper than us. Our advanced technology and plants for building flats are the biggest in Asia continent. We can construct a building in a week. If anyone wants to construct building then one should make contact with us, we will provide flats in next to no time by using the superior technology.


You have started a project ‘Amrapali Adarsh Awas Yojna’ at Greater Noida only for serving and retired government employees. Why is it only for them? How much will they pay for flats?

This project is located in Verona Heights, Leisure Valley. ‘Amrapali Adarsh Awas Yojna’ is exclusively for government servants because they think differently. They want to live with their own people and society. Work for the project has been started. We offer two BHK and three BHK flats and are being sold at Rs 22 lakh onwards. It is easy to get sanctioned the loan from banks for government employees, so we designed such a project especially for them.

Can private companies’ employees get flats in ‘Adarsh Awas Yojna’?

No. There are different projects that offer flats for private companies’ employees, where they can easily buy flats for them.

You always say journalists are my friends. The media has played a major role in highlighting the positive developments in the real estate industry. So, at what price will you provide flats for journalists?

There are 2 &3 BHK apartments for our media friends nearby ‘Adarsh Awas Yojna’. Journalists are always welcome.

You hail from Bihar. Is there any plan to build affordable apartments for people of Bihar?

We have been talking with the government and have proposed for constructing 10,000 flats. The new government has been formed in Bihar, so it will take at least one year.

The real estate sector is afflicted with recession. Is this the reason for selling flats at a low profit margin?

Property price has not reduced that much. However, a number of buyers decreased, as the monetary policies are not supporting them. So, there is a drop in price for flats.

Will FDI in the real estate bring risks for Indian real estate business companies?

There is neither any profit nor any loss if FDI comes to this business. Foreign companies will come as equity partner in the real estate business. As a result, it will boost Indian real estate companies. The Indian government should take a strong decision on monetary policy for boosting up the real estate and other private companies. It will bring profit for the government in every sector.

What does the real estate market expect from the Modi government’s policies?

There is no such profit. The government should work for making the private monetary organizations stronger.   FDI should be for large and long term projects like railways and national high-ways, as FDI is helpful in such projects. If FDI comes for a short term like for 3-4 years’ projects with 30 per cent interest then in the end of the day it will hurt the common man.

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