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Only Way To Blissful Change And Peace

Updated: October 16, 2010 5:30 pm

We will have to prevent unhealthy trends, indecency, crime, violence (tasteful poisons) and develop decency, calmness, goodness: humanism in literature, art, drama, journalism all publicity medias, video, TV programmes and films if we really want to bring a blissful change in the thinking process, taste, belief, behaviour, words, action of our people and establish blissful-happiness, brotherhood, honesty, love and peace in the society (How we can do this?). We can do this by strong legislation, well planned strong administrative system, surprise checking system, police responsibility, and constant sincere effort to arouse social and moral consciousness of the people. Police should be given full responsibility for strong checking and immediate action to check and stop circulation or exhibition of harmful, indecent, violent, tempting books, magazines, posters, songs, dance dramas, publicity materials, video shows and cinema-shows. People trying to circulate these tasteful poisons should be severely punished.

                Education: If we want to lessen and remove opportunism, greed, corruption, insincerity, adulteration, black-marketing, robbery, selfishness, shrewdness, dowry, idleness, rape, sexual-perversion, drinking liquor or taking snacks, smoking, women-torture, child torture, kidnaping, injustice, crime, murder, wars and violence and develop decency, honest, sincerity, dutifulness, calmness, love, sacrifice, kindness, moral-regulation, brotherhood and peace; we will have to take special care and make special sincere effort to prepare a number of interesting, heart touching, instructive, inspiring books of stories, essays, poems, one act-plays, songs and dramas for being taught and practised in all schools and colleges from primary classes to college classes regularly so that noble blissful thought and determination for blissful reformation will reign their minds and regulate their actions.


Way To Peace

                We can never achieve peace, if we do not stop teaching violence and crime through books, magazines, art, drama, radio, video—TV and Films.

                Strong legislation should be made and system for surprise checking and immediate strong action by police and administration should be introduced for this.

                Kindness, affection, tolerance, nonviolence, pardon, honesty, sincerity, social responsibility, dutifulness, self-regulation and system of strong blissful administration and blissful peace should be taught to the people in a heart-touching way through these powerful medias.

                A new system of moral and social education should be introduced throughout the world that will give utmost importance to teach man first his noble duties and blissful qualities of humanity.

Perseverance Of Introspection And Self-purification

Vows For Success And Peace

  1. I shall be honest, sincere, dutiful and noble.
  2. I shall not think, speak or hear ill of others.
  3. I shall learn blissful noble qualities of others, discard all bad qualities and rectify my own faults.
  4. I shall be humble, restraint, disciplined and polite to all but shall have noble-determination. I shall take care and pay respect to elders.
  5. I shall keep the interest of the human nation above my individual family or party’s interest.
  6. I shall pursue hard with sincerity and noble determination to remove greed, corruption, anger, jealousy, selfishness, opportunism, intoxication violence from me and from the society.
  7. I shall never allow selfishness, dishonesty, insincerity, crime, violence and opportunism to grow.
  8. I shall wear restraint, decent, clean simple cotton dresses and shall discard outward showiness.
  9. I shall prepare a routine for daily works and shall do the right work in the right time in the right and disciplined blissful why.

10           I shall never mis-utilise my gifted intelligence, strength, wealth, talents and power but utilise all in the best blissful way for best blissful service of mankind.

11           I shall help the poor, needy and suffering people to the best of my ability and perform my duties to almost sincerely, honestly.

12           I shall keep myself far and try to keep others far from indecent harmful discussions books, magazines, art creations, songs, dances, dramas, pictures video, radio and TV programs and films and make all possible effort to reform these powerful mass-medias.

13           I shall think, write and speak decent blissful language and choose and do the right.

14           I shall prepare my important daily program daily morning and write my introspection diary every night.

15           I shall keep humanism above all isms, never fight for isms or religion and shall work for international-broghterhood, humanism and world peace.

16           I shall never take or give dowry for myself or anyone else.

I shall give sometime for taking care of my superiors with love and respect and for building the minds, characters and lives of younger ones with affection and blissful tactful-impressive method.

By Kumar Bhai

(Kumar Bhai was the Founder and Chief Director of Indecency Prevention Movement)




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